Elden Ring completed in 20 attacks using only headshots, here is the video

Elden Ring completed in 20 attacks using only headshots, here is the video
Elden Ring completed in 20 attacks using only headshots, here is the video

It’s been over a year and a half since the release of Elden Ring, but obviously fans around the world have not yet abandoned FromSoftware’s game. In particular, it is the content creators who try to keep it as alive as possible, for example by testing themselves with various special challenges that push the game’s possibilities to the limit. Now, we can for example see an Elden Ring match that was completed in exactly 20 shotsprecisely headshots with a bow.

The challenge, visible in the video above in small format, was completed by Ainrun, Twitch streamer and YouTuber. The content creator has set himself this goal: hit enemies in the head or, if they do not have a head hitbox (which follows special rules for damage, as we will see shortly), optimize the damage as much as possible in order to complete the battle in the least number of shots.

In fact, you should know that in Elden Ring, as well as in other FromSoftware games, it is possible hitting enemies in the head and thus dealing additional damage. With a normal attack, the difference isn’t that big, but if you create an entire character designed to deal massive damage, then you can take out many bosses with a single headshot.

As we see in the video, in total they are served 20 hits to complete the game. Technically some were not head shots, but they were situations in which a second shot was mandatory and in any case eliminated the enemy. Furthermore, in some situations so-called “multi tap” strategies have been used, meaning an arrow is capable of inflicting damage several times because it passes through the enemy’s body and is activated several times (usually it is difficult to do more than twice). This clearly only works if the enemy is very large, like the Fire Giant and the Ancestral Beast.

The power up routine in Elden Ring

The question, for many, will also be “how is it possible to inflict so much damage?”. In addition obviously to having good statistics, it is first of all necessary to take advantage of a whole series of percentage enhancements linked to talismans, equipment and skills.

The full explanation is long and complex, but suffice it to say that it is possible to obtain gods power-ups inflicting bleeding, poisoning and madness on yourself (if you equip the right items). Other “buffs” and weapon abilities are then added. For example, the Golem’s bow is used to shoot arrows, but holding Radhan’s bow in the left hand so as to power up his arrows.

Obviously then it is necessary actually hit the enemy’s head, which is not easy, especially with the final boss, Radagon, who is able to deflect attacks from a distance if simply attacked. In this case, the content creator therefore opted for an evocation that would distract the enemy.

Multiple bosses were defeated with a single hit (although multiple attempts and tests were required each time), but some had need more arrows. The Fire Giant, understandably, was the most resilient enemy and required five hits. The Sacriderm Duo needed one hit for each enemy (so two total), while Radagon and the Ancestral Beast needed two hits.

The same content creator also made the first completely co-op game without suffering any damage.

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