PlayStation makes almost double the profits of Xbox: the correction

PlayStation makes almost double the profits of Xbox: the correction
PlayStation makes almost double the profits of Xbox: the correction

Derek Strickland, the original news source who wanted i Xbox profits double that of PlayStationcorrected his claim by stating that he was wrong and that in reality the data is exactly the opposite, that is, PlayStation produces approximately double the profits compared to Xbox.

The error appears to have arisen from his misinterpretation of the acronym AM (Accountability Margin), mistaken for GM (Gross Margin), which would have led him to draw completely wrong conclusions.

So Sony’s numbers are better than Microsoft’s in terms of profits.

Original news:
Although in terms of consoles sold Sony appears to be at a great advantage over Microsoft even in this generation, in terms of profitsi.e. the actual profit achieved, Xbox beats PlayStation and places himself in second position in the three-way race he sees Nintendo lapping both of his competitors.

This was revealed by some of the documents emerged as part of the sensational leak that occurred in recent days, which according to the conclusions of Tweaktown would see Xbox in second position both in terms of profits and revenues, PlayStation first in terms of revenues but third in profits and finally Nintendo first in terms of of profits and third for revenues.

Specifically, Xbox’s gaming division recorded a accounting margin of 1.5 billion dollars against the 1.419 billion dollars totaled by PlayStation and the 2.977 billion dollars totaled by Nintendo, although in the latter two cases we are talking about operating profit.

An exact comparison of these values ​​is not simple, given that Microsoft adopts a different system to calculate the profit margin, but in general the order should be precisely the one reported by Tweaktown and represents in many ways a surprise compared to the purely numerical situation of this generation of consoles.

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