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5 new features available for AirPods Pro 2

5 new features available for AirPods Pro 2
5 new features available for AirPods Pro 2

Last week, Apple released the new AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C charging case but with a software update they were added 5 new features for all second generation AirPods Pro, including those with the Lightning port. The new firmware is marked with the build number 6A301.

Adaptive Audio

The AirPods Pro 2 already had three noise control modes. Noise cancellation It effectively silences the world around you. Transparency mode Allows you to hear surrounding sounds while earphones are inserted. And then there is the off mode.

Now with the new Adaptive Audio you may no longer need the other two modes.

The adaptive mode “dynamically mixes Transparency mode and active noise cancellation based on the user’s environmental conditions to offer the best experience of the moment”.

Adaptive Sound lets you enjoy your surroundings while you wash the dishes, then seamlessly switch to noise cancellation when you turn on the vacuum cleaner. You won’t even notice the switching between modes. The return of ambient sounds around you will amaze you when you realize what just happened.

Conversation detection

Since the first release in 2017, AirPods have always been good at letting you mute and tune out the outside world. With Auto-Pause, simply remove an AirPod from your ear and playback stops.

Conversation detection it’s a new take on a similar idea.

If you speak with the feature activated, the AirPods Pro 2 they will be able to turn the volume down automatically And improve the voices of people speaking in front of you. During this process, Conversation Detection will actively reduce background noise behind you.

Mute or Not Mute

Mute or Not Mute It might not sound quite as impressive as Adaptive Audio and Conversation Detection, but it’s just as convenient if you’re using the AirPods Pro 2 for a call. Now you can easily mute yourself during any call through your AirPods by pressing the stalk. Press again to unmute. No need to take out your phone.

Custom volume

Custom Volume is a new function that is based onmachine learning to allow AirPods to “understand environmental conditions and listening preferences over time to automatically optimize the multimedia experience.”

Automatic switching

Automatic switchingFinally, it’s a feature for moving between Apple devices that’s been around for a while. An update to the feature now means that “connection time between a user’s Apple devices is significantly faster and more reliable,” according to the company.

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