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Xbox Series
Xbox Series

New important and interesting information about the future of Microsoft is arriving unexpectedly from the FTC lawsuit: several official documents were in fact published by mistake without the appropriate censorshipthus allowing all users to discover all the news coming to Xbox.

Among these, there is a sensational and surprising novelty for the next-gen consoles: in fact, it seems that the Redmond house has in mind a redesign of her Xbox Series (you can find it on Amazon), proposing a model with a cylindrical appearance and with a capacity of 2TB.

As reported by The Vergeit is precisely this new version of the next-gen console that has been sensationally revealed by the official documents and, according to Microsoft’s plans, it should be launched by the end of 2024.

According to what was revealed by the documents that emerged from the leaks, the new Xbox Series Front USB-C port with Power Delivery, reduced energy consumption and the support for Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2.

All without changing the price recommended at launch: it is in fact highlighted that it would still cost $499 – presumably, €549 on the European market – without further surcharges, probably made possible by the renunciation of the optical reader.

It’s unclear whether this is just an alternate version of the next-gen console or whether, for all intents and purposes, a gradual one is planned replacement for the current Xbox Series — which would also mean putting a tombstone on top of the physical support — and, obviously, no further official details have been received about it at the moment.

In any case, it is a leak that is the result of a sensational error, which we imagine will not be welcomed with great enthusiasm by the Redmond company. Clearly, we can’t know if these plans will actually come to fruition or not, so we invite you to take it all in with due precautions and continue to follow us for further details.

We remind you that through the same leak we also learned when the next generation consoles should be released: it seems that the successors to the Xbox Series

From the leaks it was also reiterated once again that The Elder Scrolls 6 it should not be released on PS5: the release is only scheduled for Xbox and PC consoles.

While waiting for further news on these sensational previews, we would like to point out that the long-awaited soulslike Lies of P has already been made available for free on Xbox Game Pass, even as early as last day.

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