Lords of the Fallen between longevity, cross-play, 60fps and New Game Plus: all the details

Lords of the Fallen between longevity, cross-play, 60fps and New Game Plus: all the details
Lords of the Fallen between longevity, cross-play, 60fps and New Game Plus: all the details

There is now less than a month left until the debut of Lords of the Fallen, the soulslike in Unreal Engine 5 that has recently attracted attention with a series of gameplay videos. While waiting for its arrival on the shelves, the developers have decided to reveal numerous details about the title.


The Lords of the Fallen development team has said that they will between 35 and 40 hours for an experienced player of the genre to reach the closing credits. In addition to taking into account the extra time due to any difficulties encountered along the way, players will take much longer to reach 100%.

Graphics modes

According to the developers’ statements, Lords of the Fallen will boast two graphics modes with 4K native resolutionwhose framerate will be locked at 30fps or 60fps based on the option chosen. As for the PC version, there will be full support for DLSS and FSR.


The command diagram of Lords of the Fallen cannot be modified by PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players, but the PC version will support the option to reassign the various keys.

Multiplayer and cross-play

All Lords of the Fallen online modes will support the cross-play between PC and consolebut PlayStation 5 users will not be able to interact with Xbox Series X|S users. It also seems that players who don’t appreciate PvP invasions will be able to temporarily disable them through the use of a consumable or by deciding to disable multiplayer from the settings menu. On our pages you will also find an in-depth analysis of the invasions of Lords of the Fallen.


Due to time constraints, the developers of Lords of the Fallen have confirmed that there will be no trial version of soulslike.


The protagonist of Lords of the Fallen can be modified from various points of view. It will be possible to change their hairstyle, body shape, tattoos and scars. As for armor, there is a system that allows you to change the colors of the armor.

Classes and equipment

Regardless of the class that users decide to select at the beginning of Lords of the Fallen, during the adventure they will be able to collect all armor, weapons and items which are part of the unselected sets.

New Game Plus

From day one, Lords of the Fallen will enjoy New Game Plus support. The second run will be much more difficult because all checkpoints except the one in the game hub will be disabled and you will have to rely exclusively on those that the protagonist can craft. In addition, enemies will be stronger and their elemental defenses will evolve, but we don’t yet know how.


Like any self-respecting soulslike, Lords of the Fallen too does not include a difficulty selector. The only way to increase the challenge level will be to access New Game Plus.

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