Apple may no longer advertise on X (the former Twitter)

Apple may no longer advertise on X (the former Twitter)
Apple may no longer advertise on X (the former Twitter)

New York, September 18, 2023 – X, or the former Twitter it hasn’t been sailing in calm waters since Elon Musk’s acquisition at the end of last October. Advertising revenue has dropped significantly, and could drop further: today the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, in an interview with CBS he stated that the Cupertino company constantly evaluates whether it is appropriate to continue advertise on platform by Elon Musk.

Cook added that he sees X, as a important contribution to the public debatebut that there are aspects with which he does not agree and hence the decision for constant monitoring.

Very serious accusations

In particular, it concerns the accusations of amplifying anti-Semitic content on X, accusations that are leveled against Musk by civil rights groups. Musk’s reaction was to announce flurries of complaints against those who accuse him of not moderating this content. the billionaire is expected to meet the Israeli prime minister today Benjamin Netanyahu amid growing anti-Semitism concerns about X, but Tesla’s CEO said much of the talks will focus on artificial intelligence.

Tesla, everything is fine

Things are better for Musk when it comes to Tesla: denied, from Musk himself the indiscretion according to which also Saudi Arabia would have asked him to build a factory, the development of a new strong bond remains on the table with good probability with Turkey. Tesla currently produces vehicles in the United States, China and Germany and has said it plans to do so in Mexico as well.

Ambitious goal

Musk has stated that Tesla wants sell 20 million of vehicles per year by 2030, compared to about 1.3 million in 2022. To achieve that, he will likely need a dozen factories to reach its goal and may announce another by the end of the year.

Just to have a point of comparison, in 2022 the car company that sold the most globally was Toyota, with 10.5 million of vehicles.

A new factory

In yesterday’s meeting, according to Turkish media, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan would have invited Musk to build Tesla’s next factory in Türkiye. A concrete possibilitybecause, according to Ankara, Musk has defined Turkey as “one of the main candidates” to host the next Tesla factory.

Yesterday, Erdogan and Musk they met in New York, where the Turkish president is attending the United Nations General Assembly. They would talk about Turkish technological development programs, digitalization and the Turkish strategy for artificial intelligence.

Starlink and artificial intelligence

The meeting, which took place in Manhattan Turkish Cultural Center it is not the first of the two. In the past Musk had spoken with Erdogan about a possible collaboration regarding Turkey’s aerospace and satellite programs.

Erdogan would also have offered a collaboration with Musk’s aerospace company, SpaceX. The Turkish leader has repeatedly expressed interest and asked to be able to use the satellite’s services Starlink. Ankara also aims to have its first satellite and is counting on collaboration with Musk to carry out this project. The two also talked about the success of Turkish war drones TB2 Bayraktarin a few years requested by dozens of countries around the world and of a possible collaboration that leads to further development of these unmanned aircraft.

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