Don’t worry, Dragon Quest XII has not disappeared: there is news

Dragon Quest XII And Dragon Quest III HD-2D are among the next projects in development regarding the “other” RPG saga of Square Enixbut nothing much has been known since they were announced.

Fans of the genre had to pass the time with Final Fantasy XVI (you can find it on Amazon), a project which however disappointed Square Enix itself as it did not meet expectations.

While Dragon Quest XII it has even been compared to the sixteenth final fantasy in terms of the tone of the adventure, which she will be more mature than usual.

Yes, but what happened to it? Dragon Quest XII?

The answer comes from Yuji Horiithrough Siliconeraand it’s partially positive.

In a recent interview with Famitsuto the creator of Dragon Quest was asked about state of Dragon Quest XII And Dragon Quest III HD-2Das well as his involvement in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince.

Horii confirmed that the development of both projects is “constantly progressing”but it’s not yet time to reveal any information about Dragon Quest XII.

Another announcement that came at the time was that of Dragon Quest III Remakewhich will use the HD-2D graphic style that we had the opportunity to admire inside Octopath Travelera project similarly shrouded in silence.

At least they haven’t disappeared, given that the first announcement dates back to 2021 with only a logo (and probably not even a definitive one) of the game, and on more than one occasion we genuinely wondered what had happened to the project.

We only know that it should be more adult than previous chapters, and focus more on making choices.

The turn-based system will not be removed, but will be slightly modified: Square Enix has also revealed what it wants publish it simultaneously worldwidealthough we still don’t know for which platforms it will be launched.

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