Bungie: MOBA “Gummy Bears” will be in Unreal Engine 5 due to a rumor

Bungie: MOBA “Gummy Bears” will be in Unreal Engine 5 due to a rumor
Bungie: MOBA “Gummy Bears” will be in Unreal Engine 5 due to a rumor

“Gummy Bears”the code name for a supposed new game in development at Bungiewill take advantage of theUnreal Engine 5 as a graphics engine, according to a report published by the portal TheGamePost based on multiple sources it deems credible.

The first details on this particular project from the PlayStation Studios team emerged last month from the same portal, with its sources describing Gummy Bears, as a MOBA featuring a “cute and colorful” designin line with the code name (i.e. “gummy bears”), and “neon”, elements from RTS and isometric view.

According to the new information, which should clearly be taken with a pinch of salt, Gummy Bears will be made in Unreal Engine, in particular with the latest version of the Epic Games graphics engineand will arrive on current generation platforms.

Insider Gaming, the portal led by the well-known Tom Henderson, claims that it cannot corroborate this information at the moment, but points out that on the official Bungie website there are some job advertisements that require knowledge of the C++ language, used by various graphics engines, including the Unreal Engine.

Bungie is working on multiple projects

Destiny 2

In addition to the alleged “Gummy Bears”, Bungie apparently has its hands in multiple different projects. The first is clearly Destiny 2, which will receive the new expansion The Ultimate Forme next year. Furthermore, there is Marathon, the extraction shooter announced during the PlayStation Showcase in May.

Rumors and documents filed by Microsoft during the lawsuit against the FTC also claim the existence of a mysterious game called Matter, which could be released in 2025.

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