Ferrari Purosangue, rubbish or masterpiece? It would be the work of Lapo Elkann

The fortunes collected by Ferrari allow it to indulge in some luxuries that would otherwise be unthinkable. An example of this is the so-called blacklist, where those personalities guilty of damaging one’s reputation in some way are included. A pretty long list, which also includes prominent names, including singers and actors. Evidently, to the owner of the Ferrari Purosangue immortalized here, she pays little attention to the consequences.

Otherwise the decision to give the car a look that seems to come out of Minecraft would not be explained. According to rumors, the car belongs to Lapo Elkann, but there is no official confirmation. Therefore, take the rumor as such, with a pinch of salt. And in any case, let’s not focus so much on who owns it, but rather on the vehicle itself.

Ferrari Purosangue: a livery that accepts no compromises

A number of details catch our interest, including the peace symbol near the front fenders. Another detail capable of suggesting profound customization. The sighting was only made by Joao Costa in Cascais, Portugal.

Although from a distance it appears a simple brown camouflage, the design cues are square, recalling the world of Minecraft, one of the most popular video games of recent times. Enthusiasts of every age group and social class play it, so it could also have influenced the curious choice.

Which concerns the brake calipers, with the gold-coated wing nuts. Furthermore, the interiors themselves follow the style of the videogame title, especially on the steering wheel and seats. As far as the engine is concerned, it is obviously impossible to say too much, so these are simple images, not accompanied by any particular revelation. And what do you think? Would you like to get into such a vehicle or do you think it lacks good taste? Surely, the Ferrari Purosangue immortalized here is truly out of the ordinary. And it must have cost more than the base model.

With the first car in its history with high wheels, the Prancing Horse has hit the mark again. While rejecting the labels according to which it would be an SUV, the inspiration from which it took reference is evident. In this regard, fans have accepted the idea and, indeed, many have said they are enthusiastic.

Sales success

It is not for nothing that the total number of units sold was extraordinary. Enthusiasm was immediately created for a unique racing car, reserved for the richest people on the planet. For those who intend to book it for the next few years, they will, after all, have to wait for several years.

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