With the new GPU Apple brings console video games to iPhone, iPad and Mac

According to what Apple reported to IGN, the developers are collaborating with the Cupertino giant to bring the console and PC video games presented for the iPhone 15 Pro also to the iPad and Mac.

In a new interview, Jeremy Sandmel, Apple’s Senior Director of GPU Software, and Tim Millet, Apple’s VP of Platform Architecture, discussed the more advanced gaming capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro‌.

During the announcement of the iPhone 15 Pro‌ series, Apple has highlighted as the A17 Pro chip features a new GPU with hardware-accelerated ray tracing, allowing you to play console games such as Resident Evil 4 and Assassin’s Creed: Mirage on the iPhone, which will in fact be available on the smartphone shortly.

A single architecture to tame video games on iPhone, iPad and Mac

When asked if these new games will be compatible with Apple-powered iPads and Macs, Millet responded that “the developers will work together with Apple to do so.” Sandmel then added:

…one of the things that made this possible is the unification of the architecture of Apple Silicon, iPhone Silicon and iPad Silicon.

And so you can see that I’m able to do exactly what you just suggested, which is bring a game to iPhone and Mac that’s the same. It has the same graphics, the same graphics quality and is the same game that was on a gaming PC and on a console

Apple GPU with internally designed shader architecture

Since these console games are supposedly made possible by the hardware advancements of the A17 Pro chip, in particular by the new GPU with internally designed shader architecture, Apple’s first chip made on TSMC’s 3-nanometer process, it seems likely that Apple is referring to next-generation iPads and Macs with the M3 chip.

In addition to the leap in performance and power consumption thanks to the change in the construction process, it is reasonable to expect Apple’s new GPU architecture also in the next Apple Silicon M3 chips for Mac.

Apple appears to be serious about bringing gaming to the Mac

Apple appears to be serious about bringing gaming to the Mac

All iPhone 15s can be connected to your TV

DisplayPort support is built into the USB-C port on all iPhone 15 models, meaning the devices can output video natively at up to 4K/60Hz to an external display or a TV with a DisplayPort port using a supported USB-C to DisplayPort cable.

On older iPhones with a Lightning port, video dubbing is limited to 1080p with Apple’s Lightning to HDMI or Lightning to VGA adapters. Again, when asked if, given the device’s DisplayPort capabilities, iPhone 15 Pro owners could be able to play games like “Resident Evil 4” on an external display, Sandmel responded:

As you probably know, there’s display resolution and then there’s game resolution, and then frame rates, game rendering. With technologies like MetalFX upscaling, we can separate these two things.

The game can run at very high frame rates, resulting in great quality results, and then scale the resolution depending on the display, be it the iPhone display or an external display.

So yes, iPhone can connect to these 4K displays and can drive them externally for everything you do on the phone, including gaming on these other displays. The resolution and frame rate will depend a lot on what the game is actually doing

apple iphone 15 pro macitynet00014

apple iphone 15 pro macitynet00014

iPhone‌ currently doesn’t offer a dedicated extended display mode, but it does You can mirror an ‌iPhone‌ to an external display via a wired connection, as well as via AirPlay.

In any case, from the interview it emerges that Apple is dedicating particular importance to video games, ready to welcome them from the small to the large screen of its devices starting from the iPhone and iPad up to the Mac.

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