This MAGICAL cordless vacuum cleaner is on OFFER on AMAZON

You have been thinking about buying for some time a cordless vacuum cleaner because you’re tired of cables that limit your movements and the heavy and unsightly dust bag? Well, Amazon has read your mind: the cordless vacuum cleaner VOSFEEL-Store z11 is on offer! What’s so magical about it? For example his Intelligent LED display, 10Kpa-20Kpa adjustable suction, floor brush that offers excellent performance in cleaning hair of pets without ruining your floor. And again, you will have an autonomy of up to 40 minutes and the possibility of aspiring to it every kind of waste: dust, paper scraps, hair, particles etc. How much does it cost? If you take it now only 110.46 euros!

VOSFEEL-Store z11 cordless vacuum cleaner: the features

Are you still here reading? So it means that we were not entirely convincing. In fact, we have only briefly mentioned all the technical features that this VOSFEEL-Store z11 cordless vacuum cleaner brings. Here’s an in-depth look. The LED screen it will give you a whole series of useful information for your cleaning: it will alert you if it is there a voltage failurenotify you when dust container fullif there is a motor overheating or brush failure of the floor, etc.

The suction of the cordless vacuum cleaner is adjustable between 10Kpa and 20Kpa: it is equipped with 300W brushless motorEven with the lowest speed, it can clean most types of garbage easily. Autonomy is also of 2 types and it depends on the intensity of your use: in low mode it is up to 40 minutes, while the run time in high mode is 25 minutes. Suitable for short pile carpets, floors and tilesor etc. Also suitable for dry waste such as: dust, paper scraps, hair, particles etc. The brush allows you to thoroughly remove too pet hair present in the house, without ruining the surfaces of armchairs, sofas and floors.

In short, many functions that will make your cleaning simple and never tiring again: buy the VOSFEEL-Store z11 cordless vacuum cleaner for only 110.46 euros!

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