Several Starfield players did not finish the first mission

Several Starfield players did not finish the first mission
Several Starfield players did not finish the first mission

Starfield it has been available for several days now, achieving some success among players, although apparently many of them have not delved that far into the stars.

The game, which you can also find on Xbox Series S (available at a discounted price on Amazon), did not disappoint expectations, despite everything.

In our review, with final vote and explanatory video, we have in fact explained to you all the qualities and defects of the new project by the authors of Skyrim.

Now, as also reported by VG247despite the fact that we are talking about a game mainly focused on travel and space exploration, it has failed to convince some of its players to leave the surface of the planet tutorial.

According to statistics from TrueAchievementsabout the 25% has never explored space, given that there is an Achievement that is obtained the first time you leave the first planet, after about 30 minutes of play.

According to the numbers, however, “only 75% of players have unlocked it, which seems like it a little little considering the scope of the game.

The numbers take into account players on Xbox and those playing the Game Pass/Windows Store version of the Bethesda title on PC. On Steam, the numbers are much better, at 88%, which is good, although it’s still not quite close to 100%.

As bizarre as it may seem, these percentages make sense on Xbox. Starfield is available on Game Pass, so many players may have simply wanted to try it as part of their subscription, without being particularly interested in experiencing it in its entirety.

This happens with many Game Pass games, with players usually quickly moving on when they’re not drawn to the game.

Anyone who doesn’t like the game will be happy to know that it’s a sort of remake of Starfieldwhich incorporates seamless travel between planets among other things, popped up online a few days ago.

But not only that: Nvidia has released an update for Starfield which aims to improve the performance of Bethesda’s sci-fi game.

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