Microsoft has decided the release date of the next Xbox

Microsoft has decided the release date of the next Xbox
Microsoft has decided the release date of the next Xbox

Microsoft seems already ready for big maneuvers, because the 2028 it could be the year we see the next consoles in the family Xbox.

While Series X|S are continuing their run (you can find them on Amazon) and are far from the end of their life cycle, the company Redmond has already lined up work for the next few years.

Precisely the consoles of current generation Xbox have had a notable boost in recent weeks thanks to Starfield, recording the best time of the year.

That’s why it will be there time, until 2028Why Xbox Series can continue to sell. At least this is what emerges (via VGC) from some Microsoft documents.

In a meeting of May 2022 attended by the company’s top executives, including CEO Satya Nadella, CFO Amy Hood and head of gaming Phil Spencer, information has emerged on what will be the next Xbox consoles.

The extract of this meeting was made public at the time of legal battle between Microsoft and the Federal Trade Commission for the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, regarding what it will be the future of Xbox.

Specifically regarding “what” the next hardware will be, whether it will still be a classic console or something new. One of the questions that emerged during the meeting was:

«The plan for 2028 is to maintain that model [censurato] or force a flexible/featured Windows-like model?”

2028 is therefore the year in which, in Microsoft’s plans, there will be a new advancement regarding the Xbox platforms. Which, to quote the words of some company executives, will always have to «providing creators with the ability to leverage unique hardware capabilities»whatever that means.

In the meantime However, Xbox Series X|S continues to update and become better and better, as with the September update recently published.

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