Samsung’s smart ring has an official name

Samsung’s smart ring has an official name
Samsung’s smart ring has an official name

The rumors about the upcoming smart ring Samsung rumors have been circulating for a while now: Samsung is said to be gearing up for the launch of its smart ring.

And now we are at the point where they are no longer simple rumors, but almost certainties. Samsung’s smart ring is coming, and apparently it will be called Samsung Galaxy Ring.

We will probably see it when we also see the next top of the range Samsung smartphone, that is, the new Samsung Galaxy S24. This was revealed by an analysis of the APK file relating to the latest version of the Samsung Wearable app, dedicated to wearable devices.

The name “Galaxy Ring” is not yet one hundred percent certain, and it could always be a code name – but everything seems to indicate that this will be the next gadget from the Seoul house.

Yes but what is the Samsung Galaxy Ring for?

Nobody knows for sure obviously, but everything suggests that this accessory will be an additional option for the health and physical activity monitoring. It could be useful for monitoring your sleep by leaving the smartwatch charging, or for obtaining more precise readings regarding blood pressure or oxygenation. Or it could have safety features, to detect falls or impacts (as in car accidents).

All that remains is to wait and see what it will really be like – while we are practically sure that the new phone will go straight into the ranking of the best smartphones.

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