iPhone 15 Pro with 3D spatial videos but Apple is silent on photos and details

During the Wonderlust event on September 12, Apple said that the iPhone 15 Pro “Pushes the limits of what you can capture with a smartphone” in reference to the device’s support for recording “spatial computing video” or even space video 3D, but the mention was brief and lacking in detail.

For those who missed it, spatial video is Apple’s name for what is essentially 3D video. iPhone 15 Pro can record spatial video natively by combining video captured by the main and ultra-wide camera sensors, which leads to something similar to stereoscopic video.

iPhone 15 Pro records 3D space videos, but what about space photos?

This 3D video can then be played back using the spatial computing headset made possible by Apple’s Vision Pro when the mixed reality headset launches early next year, allowing users to relive these memories in a fully immersive way. Apple didn’t specify, but it’s safe to assume that the iPhone 15 Pro can also capture static 3D spatial photos using similar processing.

The missing details

Other questions remain that Greg “Joz” Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, he didn’t answer during his tour of the Phone 15 Pro’s new photography capabilities, which include the ability to record ProRes 4K video at 60 frames per second, as well as 5x optical zoom on iPhone 15 Pro Max.

It’s not clear, for example, what kind of unique file format these space videos will use, nor has Apple mentioned how large they will be. Allegedly, iPhone 15 Pro users will have to select a special new mode in the Camera app to capture space videos. How these videos will be saved in the Photos app and whether they will be playable in any way on the iPhone is still unknown.

Apple will no doubt reveal the answers to these soon requests. However, the fact remains that the presentation was lacking in many details, even if there is ultimately a justification: the possibility of shooting spatial videos using an iPhone 15 Pro is not yet available, but will come as an update “later this year”.

For all the details on the iPhone 15 Pro the link to follow is this one, instead for the Apple Vision Pro viewer we refer to this macitynet article.

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