David Hayter will be Snake again in Metal Gear Solid Delta: it’s official!

David Hayter will be Snake again in Metal Gear Solid Delta: it’s official!
David Hayter will be Snake again in Metal Gear Solid Delta: it’s official!

Metal Gear Solid Deltafinal name of the official remake of Metal Gear Solid 3intends to be very faithful to the original chapter, choosing to confirm as well the entire original cast of the third chapter.

After officially presenting the remake during the last PlayStation Showcase, Konami has in fact revealed that there will be no change for character voices.

This means that too David Hayterhistorical voice of Solid Snake, will return to play his most iconic role: a real comeback, since the voice actor had been replaced in Metal Gear Solid V (find the Definitive Experience on Amazon).

The announcement came on the sidelines of a Press releasewhich confirms that it is considered a full-blown remake and not a simple remastering:

«The remake will include the original voices of the charactersa rich story and expansive features of combat survival in hostile and evolved environments with unprecedented graphics and immersive sound.

The mention of “original voices” however suggests that it shouldn’t be a new voiceover jobbut which should simply be reproposed the interpretations already seen in the first editions of Metal Gear Solid 3.

In any case, fans will be happy to hear the voice of David Hayter in Metal Gear Solid Delta: at the moment we don’t have an official release date yetbut we know that the launch is expected on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Therefore confirmed the latest rumors that spoke of a multiplatform launch: contrary to what was originally thought, it will not be an exclusive PlayStation 5.

If instead it is confirmed that the items already included in the original chapter will simply be reused, then Metal Gear Solid Delta it would prove to be a sort of “middle ground” between a remake and a remastered edition, as had already been anticipated almost 2 years ago now.

If you missed the latest Sony event, you can review the announcement of Metal Gear Solid Delta and all the trailers in our full recap.

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