Goodbye to Passwords | They will soon be a thing of the past like floppy disks

Digital identity thefts are now the order of the day: that’s why we are thinking of a way to say goodbye to passwords for good.

One of the most serious criticalities of the virtual world is certainly that of theft of sensitive datawhich is now becoming the order of the day.
Over the years hackers have honed their techniques and now stealing a password is becoming child’s play.

Not just malware and phishing sent to individual users, hackers in recent years have managed to steal entire databases of passwords and sensitive data of millions of people.
A rather worrying reality, but which companies are trying to stem in a rather radical way: permanently delete passwords.

For now it is only an idea, but soon we could say goodbye definitively to cryptic words to access the main accounts and services.
The main companies and companies are in fact thinking of a whole new method for users to access their online services.

The revolution is already underway and we don’t realize it

Although it is not yet completely normal, for several years many platforms have been using logins other than passwords.
These are methods that many companies are adopting to increase internal security, but that many users are not yet accustomed to using.

Many platforms, for example, allow access through thefingerprintand that it cannot be faked in any way, even if it doesn’t always work perfectly.
The Facial recognition it is another access method, for example, used by Apple devices to unlock iPhones and access the main smartphone applications.

It is clear to everyone that by now the password system no longer guarantees the security it once had and must be revolutionized.
This is also because most people make very trivial mistakes like use the same password for several accounts or use easily decipherable words by hackers.

What are the passkey: the new method of cybersecurity

In addition to facial recognition and fingerprints, many companies want to increase cybersecurity through a new login method.
This solution is called passkey and soon it could become the norm for all online platforms.

The passkey is essentially a type of credential that the user exchanges with the website, a sort of virtual key to gain access to the online portal.
Unlike passwords, passkeys cannot be stolen in any way or even decrypted; moreover, the user does not even risk inserting them in bogus websites used for phishing since they are exclusive to a specific website.


Already large companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Google have launched their passkey system, but soon this system could also be adopted by other platforms.
However, this does not mean that the possibility of using classic passwords will suddenly disappear: it will be a gradual transition and for some time it will be possible to use both methods of accessing online platforms.

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