The Last of Us: The TV series made into a PS1 game

The Last of Us: The TV series made into a PS1 game
The Last of Us: The TV series made into a PS1 game

Reddit user westonfahey79 posted his game video taken from TV series Of The Last of Us made as if it were to come out on the first one Playstation. So we have poorly defined 3D models with pixelated textures, while the audio, at least that of the movie, is taken directly from the second episode of the HBO series.

In the clip below we can see Joel and Ellie wearing clothes almost identical to those of the TV series. The footage shows Ellie, Joel and Tess walking down an abandoned street. The next scene shows the actual game, with Joel being seen by an enemy who starts shooting at him.

The Last Of Us – PS1 game based on the TV show
by u/westonfahey79 in thelastofus

The full game is not yet available, but on you can download the scene that you see in the movie entitled “The Last Pascal”. The developer has pointed out that the demo does not contain due to technical problems.

Who knows if he will carry it forward or if he will be satisfied with what he has already published. Maybe one day we will have a product of the level of the Bloodborne demake or many other PS1-style games released over the last few years, such as 28 Pixels Later by the same author, which you can always find on his page.

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