Did you know that you can watch Whatsapp without opening the App? The trick that saves your privacy

Whatsapp, how to see chats without opening the App – Newsby.it

WhatsApp gives the possibility to look at messages without ever opening the app, not everyone knows the technique but a few clicks are enough to activate it

The WhatsApp messaging app has become one of the first in the world, surpassing even social networks. Precisely for this reason, the developers have been working tirelessly for years on the privacy issue to ensure that all users are protected as much as possible. In recent times, in fact, there have been many innovations from this point of view.

Whatsapp, how to see chats without opening the App – Newsby.it

Starting from the photos to a view, up to the extension also on the videos, to then move on to the possibility of eliminating the blue check of the displayed and as time went by, the app still proposed new techniques to be more reserved possible. At the moment you can delete the last seen and the online. In this way the user is protected from every point of view and does not feel forced to be observed by the interlocutor as he can block all information on his movements within the app.

Not everyone knows that in reality there is also another technique to be able to update on the messages received without opening the application. Very often, even those who have eliminated the blue ticks still feel ‘controlled’ in a certain sense, because of the groups. In fact, in WhatsApp groups it is impossible to eliminate this type of notification because all participants can know at what time you viewed their message. How then to maintain privacy? There is a setting that you can activate on your smartphone but let’s see which one in detail.

How to save your privacy by checking messages without logging into WhatsApp

The method is simple. To check the notifications we have received just place a widget by pressing an empty space on your smartphone’s home screen. A menu will open where you can choose WhatsApp as the app to be included in the widget. At this point it’s child’s play. This option, in fact, allows you to create a link to an application (in this case WhatsApp). In this way you can be updated on each notification and the messages that arrive, with the possibility of reading a preview.

Smartphone, new WhatsApp notifications – newsby.it

In particular, up to 6 notifications can be read at the same timethen you are forced to open the chat but it is still an excellent method through which to be able to understand what type of messages they are and then evaluate whether to open them, reply or postpone them, based on urgency.

When you look at the full message previews, the sender won’t know that we did it, thus avoiding misunderstandings. In a certain sense it is difficult to ‘ignore’ people because they might think that we have decided not to respond out of rudeness when instead most of the time the problem is too many daily commitments that make it difficult to keep up with everything and everyone.

In these cases, therefore, it can happen that you do not answer for a day, or that you answer in the evening from the morning, but in this way we won’t have to give too many explanations because pWe can manage everything directly from the Widget and then decide later when to reopen the app when we are more free.

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