New oven glass for only 50 cents | Beautiful kitchen and amaze everyone

You know you could have new oven glass for just 50 cents. With this new kitchen you will amaze everyone

The electric oven is an essential tool in the kitchen for those who love to cook. With the help of him it is possible to prepare a wide range of dishes, from sweets to savory dishes, with precise and uniform results.

Cleaning the oven glass with 50 cents is possible –

However, continuous use of the oven can lead to problems and wear, especially on the glass of the door, which can become opaque and unsightly. But don’t worry! In the rest of the article we will show you a simple and economical method to have an oven glass new with only 50 cents. Here’s how to do it and amaze everyone with your new kitchen.

Clean the oven glass with very little

One of the biggest cleaning problems in the kitchen concerns the glass of the oven and the fact that they manifest themselves on it incrustations, burns and other hard-to-remove stains. The good news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it fixed or replaced. In the rest of the article, we’ll show you a simple and inexpensive way to refurbish your oven glass using your own 50 cents. With this method, you can clean the oven glass in minutes, without having to resort to expensive cleaners or complicated tools.

How to clean the oven glass with a few cents –

The secret to freeing the oven glass from stubborn encrustations is to use a sponge abrasive such as steel wool. The most effective is undoubtedly that a fine-grained, as it allows you to avoid scratching the glass and has a cost of about 50 cents. We can start by spraying with it degreaser on the inner glass e let it work for about ten minutes, then add a little water and with circular movements remove the surface with the steel wool. In more difficult areas it may be necessary to insist a little, then use a little more degreaser and repeat the process. Remember to always check the space between the door and the oven, so that everything is really clean. With this simple and inexpensive method, your oven will always be clean and shiny.

To prevent scale build-up on the oven glass, it is important clean it regularly with a damp cloth or a solution of water and vinegar. Also, you can use a mat or a tray lined with parchment paper to prevent food splashes from falling directly onto the bottom of the oven and burning, forming encrustations that are difficult to remove. In any case, the regular cleaning of the oven will not only improve its hygiene, but also its efficiency and duration over time.

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