The Hidden and Unknown costs € 1,949.09 on Steam, but teaches us to become real men –

The Hidden and Unknown costs € 1,949.09 on Steam, but teaches us to become real men –
The Hidden and Unknown costs € 1,949.09 on Steam, but teaches us to become real men –

Would you ever pay €1,949.09 for a game? Now you can thanks to ProX, who published his own game, The Hidden and Unknownat that price up Steam. For anyone wondering, it’s a far-right propaganda visual novel.

L’author in reality he deliberately made it shorter than two hours, so as to allow the request for a refund to anyone who buys it and still wants to finish it (Steam guarantees refunds under two hours of play, without the player having to justify them).

According to the author, the price would reflect the value of the game to him, as stated to The Gamer: “I don’t want to cause anyone financial problems. I just put the price that I thought was right for me, which is my right.” Indeed it can, why not? Evidently the goal is not to sell it, but to create controversy. But let’s continue.

According to testing by PC Gamer’s Tyler Wilde, The Hidden and Unknown looks like one visual novels almost autobiographical, if it weren’t for some “fantastic” content, let’s call it that. The start with Star Wars-like text, which runs for eight minutes, could already suggest something to us, but it is the story that makes the ratio of the whole operation explicit. In fact, a testosterone imbalance is described which is making Western men sterile and women more masculine. Humanity is on the verge of extinction.

In short, it costs almost €2,000, but it contains a great philosophical lesson that any vulgar and conspiracy theorist YouTuber could give us for free. However, the game continues by introducing an artificial intelligence capable of traveling through time and balancing the masculine energies (reason) and the feminine (feelings), and then begins to tell about a certain Brian. Note that the graphics do not show the characters, but only places created using artificial intelligence such as Dall-E.

For the rest, the game is made up of a series of anecdotes from the life of the aforementioned Brian, apparently taken from the life of the author, who during the adventure turns into a hypertestosteronic male that he can no longer be manipulated by his ex-girlfriend (after all he reads The Art of War by Sun Tzu, so he’s a real man) and that he overcomes his depression by behaving like a real man, i.e. getting enough sleep and exercising regularly. Oh, maybe you like it.

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