LEGO Horizon Adventures: the PlayStation exclusive changes completely

I reluctantly admit that I underestimated LEGO Horizon Adventures. At the time of its announcement I really couldn’t understand how the imagery of Guerrilla could merge with the playful tones and styles that usually distinguish the Brick House games (here’s the review of Horizon Forbidden West). I made a mistake, why pad in hand LEGO Horizon Adventures genuinely entertained me. The credit goes to that naive humor that put me in a good mood, and which is also reflected in a gameplay of shameless simplicity.

A slightly different story

Do you know the sense of drama that reigns in Zero Dawn (not to mention Forbidden West…)? Well, forget it. The story is more or less the same, and begins when Aloy prepares to face the test to finally be accepted by the Nora Tribe.

For the occasion the good old dear Rost he also gave her a Focus, that augmented reality device that… Here it doesn’t seem that rare. In Horizon Adventures Aloy certainly doesn’t have the same character as the “original” one: between extremely emphatic expressions, jokes here and there and typical LEGO-style humour, the story doesn’t even try to take itself seriously (thank goodness!), and in a couple of of lines of dialogue vaporizes all the epic nature of the series it takes inspiration from.

This cheerful cheekiness it’s one of the reasons why I believe that, unexpectedly, this contamination between the two brands can work. The characters, round and round, are always the same: there is the aforementioned Rost, there’s Teersa, there’s Helis and there’s Varlwhich embodies “Player 2” in cooperative mode.

The machines also return with them, such as the Longhorns and the Corruptors, to be eliminated with quite different approaches compared to those of the main saga.

Against the machines… of LEGO

The action phases develop in a very basic way. Aloy and Varl have almost the same play style, with the sole exception of the weapon they hold: the bow for the girl, the spear for her adventure companion. Both can attack with shots from a distance, using special shooting lines, or damaging enemy machines and tribesmen with secondary toolsfound in the field.

Curious is the ability to use elemental modifiers, such as flaming arrows or explosive barrels to throw at targets. You can also use the environment to your advantage, as throwing a dart through a bonfire placed between Aloy and her target allows the tip to absorb flames and sharpen the damage dealt. As per tradition for LEGO brand productions, don’t expect anything too elaborate, since the acquisition of experience points will also happen automatically. There will be no skill trees to unlock, and both Varl and Aloy will level up they will gain additional skills that are increasingly useful, such as progressive improvements to arrow damage, or extra hearts in the health bar. The upgrades, on the other hand, are more customizable, to be purchased with the currency collected throughout the environments, and which are valid for both party members: we are talking about upgrades to choose from, such as increased weapon effects and/or the ability to acquire more XP after battles . Again, everything is very linear. In the chaotic chaos of bricks that destroy each other and cars that charge headlong, the action dimension of Horizon Adventures It therefore remains faithful to the light-hearted soul of the production. And that can be fine.

Objective: turn off the brain

This LEGO reinterpretation of Horizon also departs from the original in terms of the structure of the game world: no open world herebut rather mini areas that can be partially explored even vertically, in search of chests and resources with which empower the two protagonists and expand Mother’s Heartthe central hub from which we will depart for the various missions.


In the village we will be given the ability to construct buildings and customize them in every area, as well as obtain new skins to change the appearance of Aloy and Varl.

Always in the Heart of the Mother we will be able to build a small “wardrobe” into which to throw (literally!) the locals: by doing so we will be able to change its features through multiple presets, in such a way as to make our village unique.

The list of features of LEGO Horizon Adventures serves to make us fully understand what the purpose of the game is, namely to encourage us to completely turn off our brains. Not all the actions that can be carried out during exploration and combat actually have any real use, other than to multiply the opportunities for having a few laughs. Considering that it will take between 8 and 10 hours to complete the story (based on what the team told me during the test), we will have to see how much this type of disengaged humor will be able to hold up until the end. Some LEGO brand titles have accustomed us very well in the past, others a little less: I hope that Horizon Adventures falls into the first category. The premises are at least hopeful.

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