Car sickness, goodbye nausea with the trick used by sailors | It works 100%, you just need to train your brain

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Every time we get into the car we know only too well how many variables we have to deal with, keep track of, and pay attention to: with one big goal.

There safety. As beautiful and fascinating as it is to drive, and as above all useful and necessary it is, you have to keep in mind that it always has risk percentages.

They can be reduced in some cases even almost zero, but these percentages are there. And they increase and decrease depending on the case and our actions.

We usually give canonical examples to talk about this problemtackling for example the serious case of driving while impaired drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Our perception of reality, our psycho-physical well-being and above all the our clarity at the wheel, after all, it is crucial to guarantee the right security.

Car sickness, a widespread discomfort

And when we talk about safety we are obviously not referring to what is the right protection of ourselves, or of the people we have on board but also of all those we can cross paths in the street, in whatever form this may happen, such as pedestrians or cyclists or other drivers. And not always the lack of ‘lucidity’ and self-control depends on our error.

Sometimes we experience a real malaise that is independent of any of our wishes: we just suffer it. Like a pollen allergy attack in spring, a series of coughs that make us toss in the car losing control, or that annoying feeling of malaise that leads us to suffer from reflux, gastric and intestinal pain or even worse nausea and real attacks vomit.

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Motion sickness, the sailors’ secret

We call all this car sickness, and it is not rare nor too different from the seasickness or plane or train sickness that many people suffer from by boarding these vehicles. Net of the medicines we can take to treat this ailment on the basis of precise medical prescriptions, we can also work on ourselves through a system that is called as ‘sailors’ trick’. And it’s very simple.

Just train your brain and concentrate on a firm and fixed point that we see along the road, a point that does not move and that does not make us sway and suffer the feeling of ‘mobility‘: a mountain, a lamppost, something stable. The brain memorizes it, focuses on that and puts aside the fear of being ‘slammed’ on the road.

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