How to pay much less for Spotify Premium: the trick you need to know

Do you want to pay as little as possible for Spotify Premium? There is a trick you should adopt then: it will do the trick for you.

If you are looking for an application to listen to music, certainly Spotify it’s exactly the one for us. It is a service used by everyone and everyone allows you to listen to music at will. She has acquired great fame over the years and it is impossible not to know her. That’s why many people can’t wait to open the app and put on some music as soon as they get the chance.

Pay less for Spotify this way

But there is a problem that concerns all of us. We are referring to Spotify Premium, which currently has a high cost. We know that there are different subscription plans regarding this service. In the first case we can see Premium individualwhat a good price $10.99 per month. Those who want to share the account with other people can consider subscribing to Premium Duo. It costs 14.99 euros per month and it is the best plan currently known.

Discounts on Spotify, find out how you can get them right away: follow the advice

Finally we arrive at the most suitable plan for an entire family. It takes the name of Premium Family and requires 16.99 euros per month. Six people can sign up for a subscription to receive the same services. The only problem is that they would all have to live under the same roof. And if there’s something each of us tries to do, is to find a way to save money. Is there really a way to reduce the cost of subscriptions? Apparently, yes, and it’s not as impossible as you think.

Spotify: here’s how you can pay less for it

One of the best ways to save with Spotify is to sign up for an annual plan using a gift card. They can be obtained from Amazon or Best Buy for 99 euros for an annual plan. And if you are sure to use Spotify for an entire year, you will end up save as much as 33 euros compared to the monthly payment. But free trials are also a great way to set aside some money without overusing it.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to sign up for the service even from another region. This is because certainly lower prices are offered. This implies that you will have to do careful research obviously. But in these cases it is better than nothing since it will make our work easier. And at the end of the day we will have managed to save with Spotify. By following this trick you will solve all your problems: keep this in mind.

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