40 year old FIAT bought and kept in garage: now it’s a real bargain

40 year old FIAT bought and kept in garage: now it’s a real bargain
40 year old FIAT bought and kept in garage: now it’s a real bargain

FIAT is the flagship brand for the Italian market, with the Piedmontese company seeing a crazy model end up at auction.

Several decades have passed since the FIAT has become the point of reference in the world of Italian cars, with the Turin company always trying to focus on as varied a clientele as possible. The main intentions were linked to the fact of being able to give a vehicle to those who had to buy small cars, with the data which are still extraordinary today.

FIAT – Tuttomotoriweb.it

No one even came close to the sales of the FIAT Panda, with this model having sold over 100 thousand units in 2023. Numbers that have thus allowed it to become the best-selling car, surpassing even that by more than double its sales Dacia Sandero second and Lancia Ypsilon third.

The costs are therefore very low and even in the past we have tried to create vans that could be low cost. One of the models that was most popular in the 70s was the FIAT 238, that is, a van that remained on the market from 1969 until 1983 and a particular model was put up for auction in a completely unexpected way.

FIAT 238: new and up for auction

It was May 2023 when on the well-known online auction site Catawiki the sensational announcement of the auction for a beautiful one had appeared FIAT 238. It was a model that had been registered in 1982, but despite this it was actually like new. The owner was in Salerno, seeing the license plate, but then the van was transported to Milan.

FIAT 238 (Catawiki – tuttomotoriweb.it)

However, that van never moved, given that the kilometers that were marked inside were only 107. This means that in 41 years of life, the van in question traveled an average of just 3 km every year. This made it skyrocket among the preferences of customers who thus tried to get their hands on this model.

According to what the auction expert reported Santiago Garcia Rosa, the market value of this van was between 13,500 and 15 thousand Euros, with the starting value being 6 thousand Euros. In the end the buyer closed the deal, as can be seen from the report of Catawiki for only 12 thousand Euros. A truly extraordinary deal for a van of excellent quality and which after 41 years was still effectively new and unused.

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