with emojis you unlock a secret game, how it works!

with emojis you unlock a secret game, how it works!
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But did you know that there is a new secret game on Instagram that can be unlocked with emojis? Here are the steps to play it!

Instagram is giving us many joys, lately! Not everyone noticed, but on the well-known platform There is a new feature that allows you to play with emojis. This game introduced by the social network still seems to be a mystery, given that for the moment very few users have discovered it. Let’s find out all the information about it, how to unlock it and how it works!

So, how is the game activated? First, you’ll need to send someone a nei emoji Direct Messages of Instagram, or DMs. You can, for example, send it to a your* friend*, to try to see if this new option works for you. Don’t worry, although the laughing face or the olive often appears online, the game works for you any emoji you will choose to send and there is no specific way to activate it!

After that, it will be enough for you click (or rather, press) on the emoji you just sent. If your version of Instagram is compatible with the game, a mini-game will open in which you will have to collect theemoji of your choice, without ever dropping it! Be careful not to let it fall, then: the game will stop and you will have lost… In short, this could be a fun pastime to do while wait that someone * replies to your messages on Instagram! Waiting for a sign of life from your crush will never have been so pleasant!

And you already knew this one secret feature of the platform? Do you like the mini-games? Which emoji will you send first? And above all, which one score have you achieved? Let us know! We, obviously, are very curious to find out everything!

What score did you achieve?


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