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Everything ready for him European Cycling Championships 2023. Among the last major events of the season, the continental event takes place this year between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, precisely from 20 to 24 September, essentially swapping places with the World Championships, held at the beginning of August in the ‘Super’ version. For the second time since the event was opened to professionals, the Netherlands will host the races that award the continental titles, which will be held in various locations in the province of Drenthe (on the last occasion, in 2019, it took place in Alkmaar) and will involve the Juniores, Under-23 and Elite categories.

In this edition there are 14 races scheduled, one more than in 2021 (last year, however, the jrs/U23 and elite categories ran separately, with the professional races taking place within the multidisciplinary European championships): added to the program is the junior mixed time relay, which will be held on Thursday 21st, the same day as the elite mixed time relay. However, the event will open on Wednesday 20th with the six individual time trials, which will therefore all take place on the same day, while the road trials will take place two by two from Friday to Sunday, when the event will be closed by the key race, that of elite men.

European Cycling Route 2023

We will therefore start with the Stopwatch of all categories, which will take place in Emmen, where the start and finish of all the tests will be located. Those of the juniors and Under-23s, both male and female, will take place on a 20.6 kilometer track that is totally flat and made up of long straights and few curves, therefore particularly suitable for hand specialists. Same thing also for elite men and women, who however will lengthen the route by adding another 8900 meters (essentially, a long straight out and back with a U-turn), for a total of 29.5 kilometres. A circuit almost identical to that used for the jrs and U23 categories, but slightly shorter, will also see the two Mixed Relay Time Trialwhich will measure a total of 38.4 kilometers (two laps of 19.2 km, one covered by the men’s trio and one by the women’s trio).

As regards the Online testshowever, the fulcrum of all the races will obviously be the circuit Col du VAM (or VAM-berg), 13.8 kilometers without major roughness except for two very short stretches, with challenging slopes, which will characterize the last 1200 metres, the first of which also includes a stretch of cobblestones, while at the top of the second it will be set the finish line. Junior men and women will only cover this circuit in their trials, with the former tackling eight laps (for a total of 111 km) and the latter five laps (69 km). The other races will also include initial road sections, which are also completely flat: U23 men and women will respectively start from Hoogeveen And Coevorden, then both covering five laps, for a total of 136.5 and 108 kilometres. The elite women will take off from Meppel and they will also tackle the Col du VAM circuit on five occasions, for a total of 131.3 kilometres, while there will be six rounds of the elite men’s route, which will start from Assen and will measure 199.8 kilometers in total.

European Cycling Program 2023

Wednesday 20 September
09:00-10:10: Jrs Women’s Time Trial, Emmen – Emmen (20.6 km)
10.25am-11.45am: Jrs Men’s Time Trial, Emmen – Emmen (20.6 km)
12:00-12:45: U23 Women’s Time Trial, Emmen – Emmen (20.6 km)
1.05pm-2.10pm: U23 Men’s Time Trial, Emmen – Emmen (20.6 km)
2.30pm-3.50pm: Elite Women’s Time Trial, Emmen – Emmen (29.5 km)
4.15pm-5.45pm: Elite Men’s Time Trial, Emmen – Emmen (29.5km)

Thursday 21 September
12.45-14.25: Jrs Mixed Relay Time Trial, Emmen – Emmen (38.4 km)
3.30pm-5.10pm: Elite Mixed Relay Time Trial, Emmen – Emmen (38.4 km)

Friday 22 September
09.30-12.45: U23 Men Road Race, Hoogeveen – Col du VAM (136.5 km)
2.30pm-5.10pm: U23 Women Road Race, Coevorden – Col du VAM (108.0 km)

Saturday 23 September
09:00-11:45: Jrs Men Road Race, Drijber – Col du VAM (111.0 km)
1.45pm-5.00pm: Elite Women’s Road Race, Meppel – Col du VAM (131.3 km)

Sunday 24 September
09:00-11:15: Jrs Women’s Road Race, Drijber – Col du VAM (69.0 km)
12.15-17.00: Elite Men Road Race, Assen – Col du VAM (199.8 km)

TV / Streaming European Cycling Championships 2023

Wednesday 20 September
Elite Women’s Time Trial: 2.25pm-4.10pm RaiSport / 2.30pm-4.05pm Eurosport 1, Eurosport, GCN, Discovery+
Elite Men’s Time Trial: 16:10-18:00 RaiSport / 16:15-18:00 Eurosport 1, Eurosport, GCN, Discovery+

Thursday 21 September
Elite Relay Time Trial: 3.25pm-5.30pm RaiSport / 3.30pm-5.30pm Eurosport 1, Eurosport, GCN, Discovery+

Saturday 23 September
Elite Women’s Road Race: 1.30pm-5.15pm RaiSport / 1.30pm-5.15pm Eurosport 1 / 1.30pm-5.15pm Eurosport, GCN, Discovery+

Sunday 24 September
Elite Men’s Road Race: 12.15-15.00 RaiSport / 15.00-17.15 Rai2 / 12.30-17.15 Eurosport 1, Eurosport, GCN, Discovery+

Participants / European Cycling Startlist 2023

Event Men Women
Crono Jrs Startlist / Departure Time Startlist / Departure Time
U23 time trial Startlist / Departure Time Startlist / Departure Time
Elite Chrono Startlist / Departure Time Startlist / Departure Time
Time Trial Mixed Relay Jrs Startlist / Departure Time
Elite Mixed Relay Time Trial Startlist / Departure Time
Online Jrs Startlist Startlist
Online U23 Startlist Startlist
In Elite Line Startlist Startlist

European Cycling Altitude and Planimetry 2023

European Cycling Time Trial Routes 2023

European Cycling Road Trial Routes 2023

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