“Pierluigi Camiscioni” Trophy, Fiamme Oro Rugby beats Balorugby Emilia 19-20 at the “Mandela”

“Pierluigi Camiscioni” Trophy, Fiamme Oro Rugby beats Balorugby Emilia 19-20 at the “Mandela”
“Pierluigi Camiscioni” Trophy, Fiamme Oro Rugby beats Balorugby Emilia 19-20 at the “Mandela”


“Pierluigi Camiscioni” Trophy, “Nelson Mandela” Stadium (San Benedetto del Tronto).

Valorugby Emilia – Fiamme Oro Rugby 19-20 (7-10)

Markers: 13′ vs Canna (0-3); 23′ m. Tavuiara tr. Newton (7-3); 26′ m. Angelini tr. Barrel (7-10); 49′ m. Ledesma tr. Ledesma (10-14); 57′ m. Barnes (19-10); 63′ vs Di Marco (19-13); 76′ m. Angelini tr. Di Marco (19-20)

Fiamme Oro Rugby: Cioffi; Forcucci, Gabbianelli, Angelini, Guardiano; Canna, Marinaro; Giammarioli, De Marchi, Angelone; D’Onofrio U., Stoian; Iacob, Taddia, Barducci

Available: Moriconi, Drudi, Mancini-Parri, Iovenitti, Chiappini, Tomaselli, Fragnito, Di Marco, Chianucci, Vian, Fusari A., Mba, Spinelli, Biondelli. All.: Guidi

Valorugby Emilia: Farolini; Lazzarin, Tavuiara, Schiabel, Colombo; Newton, Violi; Sbrocco, Nasove, Paolucci; Fuser, Ruaro; Pavesi, Silva, Diaz

Available: Mazzanti, Marinello, Favre, Dell’Aqua, Esposito, Tuivaiti, Reton, Ledesma, Majstorovic, Resino, Barnes. All.: Mangoes

Referee: Pump

Assistants: Giurina and Capone

Cards: yellow to Nasove (VRE) in the 7th minute Players: Canna (FFOO) 1/1; Di Marco (FFOO) 2/2; Ledesma (VRE) 1/1; Barnes (VRE) 0/1

SAN BENEDETTO DEL TRONTO – The “Pierluigi Camiscioni” trophy back on the bulletin board in Ponte Galeria thanks to Fiamme victory over Valorugby Emilia 20-19.

Balanced match between the two teams who best honored the event in a friendly match during which Fiamme and Valorugby did not spare themselvesgiving life to a match played point by point.

The Crimson team managed to maintain concentration not disuniting in moments of greatest difficulty, managing to get the better of his opponents in the end, implementing the dictates of coach Gianluca Guidi. Obviously, being a match to prepare for the championship, the technical staff wanted to experiment with various game options by alternating all 29 players called up.

«This is the match that concluded our preparation period and, together with my staff, we have drawn important indications on the direction to follow – said coach Gianluca Guidi – The team has blended well and is starting to show its own identity. I didn’t know many of the guys well and this was a further opportunity to see them at work to better direct our work in view of the championship.”


After ten minutes of study between the two teams, the Emilians are forced to play with the man less due to a yellow card in Nasove; two minutes later the first points of the match arrive and it is he who scores them Carlo Canna hitting the posts: 0-3. The Flames are unable to exploit their numerical advantage and, after the return of the Emilian number 7 to the field, Valorugby scores a goal in the 23rd minute with Tavuiara; Newton converts and it’s 3-7.

Three minutes later the Cremini reaction arrives with a nice action finalized by Marcello Angelini smashing over the line and, with Carlo Canna’s conversionthe XV of the State Police takes the lead again 7-10, score with which the first half ends. The first minutes of the second half are almost all Emilian in character: Manghi’s boys force the Fiamme into their own half of the field and in the 49th minute they go in goal with Ledesmawhich also takes care of the transformation bringing his numbers to +4.

In the 57th minute Valorugby hits the big target again with Barnes making it 19-10. In the 63rd minute the Fiamme pull back with Filippo Di Marco from the pitch: 7pm-1pm. The Flames don’t lose concentration and, after various back and forth, manage to get through goal with Marcello Angelini; Filippo Di Marco converts and Fiamme takes the lead: 19-20. At the end Valorugby had the opportunity to overturn the score, but Ledesma missed the overtaking kick and the Fiamme won the third edition of the “Pierluigi Camiscioni” Trophy.

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