Volleyball Oliveri: starting to plan the future – AMnotizie.it

Volleyball Oliveri: starting to plan the future – AMnotizie.it
Volleyball Oliveri: starting to plan the future – AMnotizie.it

The official presentation of the new management, technical staff and athletes of Oliveri volleyball was held in the premises of Lido Belvedere in Oliveri, which has begun to plan for the future, soon to be involved in the official Fipav regional Serie D championship.

After years of presidency, enriched by the achievement of prestigious goals, President Nato Antonuccio left due to professional commitments “who will in any case be a precious point of reference for the company for any type of advice or suggestion he wants to give us, confident that we can make use of his experience gained after years of activity.”

The new board is made up of the president Giuseppe Crupi, Nino Bilardo is the vice president, Franco Lembo the cashier, Antonino Di Blasi the secretary, Giampaolo Iarrera will be the official scorer together with Antonia Sidoti. Carmelo Sidoti, like previous years, will deal with all aspects relating to communication on social channels.

At the beginning of the evening, the new president announced that all the managers unanimously approved the awarding of the honorary presidency to the former president Nato Antonuccio who was given a commemorative plaque: “We considered it an act due to a small career award given with great respect and friendship. The honorary president will remain on the corporate board at the same time.”

Also present were the mayor of Oliveri Francesco Iarrera and the mayor of Furnari Felice Germanò “to whom go our most sincere thanks for allowing our club to play the next Serie D championship at the Furnari gym given that our gym does not reflect the standards dictated by the federation for the championship of this category, we also thank our mayor Francesco Iarrera for his collaboration.”

As for the technical staff, alongside the reconfirmed coach Giovanni Di Mauro there will be as his collaborator Alessio Gianfridda, a former Morgan player who will bring experience and enthusiasm as the coach’s assistant.

As for mini volleyball, Mister Valentina Certo, “now an institution for Oliveri Volleyball, she will still be with us, she will follow the group of very young people and together with Mister Di Mauro they will also organize the management of the under teams which will have to represent the club’s future.!

As for the athletes, there will be numerous new faces who will strengthen an already competitive team where the under girls will also be integrated who, after the experience gained last year, will be able to represent an extra weapon for Mr. Di Mauro.

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