the thieves (caught on video) “forget” very expensive bottles

They took all the cash that they found (not many actually). But other possible “treasures”like some valuable bottles of wine, for example, they remained there in their place. A clue that whoever snuck in was perhaps not a group of professionals with a trained eye. In the end, the spoils from the restaurant heist «Coraje» — venue inaugurated just over a year ago on the corner between via Fiori Chiari and via Formentini, in the heart of Brera, by Agustina Gandolfowife of the Inter captain Lautaro Martinezin the midst of a parade of well-known faces with strong black and blue hues – it’s a small thing: a thousand euros left as a cash fund.

The thieves (at least four, all with their faces covered) most likely entered calmly in the night between Sunday and Monday, the day the restaurant is closed. They forced the secondary door, without making excessive noise and without attracting too much attention: in fact, no alarm calls were made from the elegant condominiums in the area. It took yesterday morning for the owner to notice the theft. After the report, the anti-robbery investigators of the flying squad and the forensic personnel intervened on the spot, who tried to isolate any fingerprints left by the thieves during the raid. The video surveillance system CCTV inside the restaurant filmed the movements of the four, always with their faces covered. But help could come from the numerous cameras monitoring the streets of the area, which could have captured the gang’s arrival and escape.

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