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Volleyball, Fipav Rovigo commissions confirmed

Volleyball, Fipav Rovigo commissions confirmed
Volleyball, Fipav Rovigo commissions confirmed
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The Fipav Rovigo volleyball season starts again with confirmations and news regarding the administrative-management plan of the clubs between Adige and Po

In the meantime, we start again with a substantial confirmation with small changes to all the commissions within the local federal organizational chart.
“The desire was to close the mandate with the same collaborators with whom we started, while waiting for the end of the four-year Olympic period,” commented president Natascia Vianello. It will be the last season with complete programming for us and new elections are scheduled after Paris 2024, so we were particularly keen to complete the work with those who were already in the running and I must thank everyone for their availability in this sense”.
Natascia Vianello herself will lead the tender commission where it continues, however, with the aim of not having a univocal assignment, but whose decisions will always be made in agreement and with the support of the territorial council.
Diego Longhi was confirmed as territorial sports judge, having started from the role of official race manager a few years ago and then trying to change category to replace Luigi Magosso.
A slight change is expected in the match officials commission with David Bastianin who will take a step back compared to last year, remaining, however, as deputy, awaiting confirmation as manager of Elisa Cappellozza, as well as that of Caterina Baccaglini in the role of designator, both linked to work issues being defined.
However, the confirmations of Alberto Maria Nicoli (also councilor with delegation) in the coaches commission and Stefania Menarello for that of Volley S3 are certain. “Both bring enthusiasm and good ideas, continues the president of Fipav Rovigo, in the promotional sector Stefania Menarello has demonstrated, as has Alberto Maria Nicoli with the coaches, a lot of dedication and brought various innovations and evolutions to the activities. I especially like to underline her ability to adapt during the Covid-19 period when she managed to come up with fun challenges and games to keep the little athletes active in a phase that was anything but simple.” Luca Pregnolato’s commitment to beach volleyball also continues, capable of carrying out events in the sector and creating a staff made up of former athletes and new teachers who could represent an important future in the discipline; and finally in sitting volleyball we will start again with Alice Morandi, who arrived last season after a year of study and preparation to better understand the area of ​​interest at a Polesine and national level.

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