Bibione Beach Fitness celebrates 18 years of wellness by the sea

Bibione Beach Fitness celebrates 18 years of wellness by the sea
Bibione Beach Fitness celebrates 18 years of wellness by the sea

It turns 18, it is the largest open-air fitness convention in Europe and is ready to transform the beach of Bibione (Venice) into an expanse of dance, music and entertainment as far as the eye can see. It’s Bibione Beach Fitness and from 22nd to 24th September it will celebrate its coming of age on “its” beach, where it all began and never stopped. Already over 3 thousand enthusiasts have chosen to carve out a place for themselves in the heart of the healthy, fun and always innovative movement.

The Bibione Beach Fitness Program

Over 100 top international presenters performing on 15 mega stages with lessons that are true shows of technique and infinite fun. Below, on the platforms, a lot of people dancing and having fun, in athletic outfits and very often with outfits worthy of a musical. From one stage to another, the lessons pass according to an organization that recalls Swiss precision: in fact, there are very few minutes between the end of one session and the beginning of another, but the passage is so natural that it is not you don’t even notice it.

Participants will be spoiled for choice and will be able to enjoy the pleasure of a harmonious continuum, contagious music, bright colors and the sea and pine forest which become natural stands of a Bibione that doesn’t think about autumn at all.

Hip-Hop, Zumba and Military Fitness

This edition of Bibione Beach Fitness is the one of important anniversaries:. In addition to the eighteen years of the event, the half century of the birth of the artistic and cultural movement of Hip Hop is celebrated with a stage dedicated to “urban dance” and to the dancers of the prestigious Moma Studios school founded and directed by Pietro Froiio.

From the Philippines and to the tune of Zumba, Prince Paltu-ob arrives on Saturday 23rd, a multifaceted artist, known throughout the world for his work as a choreographer, dancer, singer and dee-jay. The presence of the “prince” (he is an internationally renowned Zumba Education Specialist) on the beach of Bibione will focus on Zumba.

An admittedly rougher challenge, but no less popular, is the one that the Italian Army will propose. This year too he will be a guest of the Bibione Beach Fitness with “military fitness” courses, to be carried out with unconventional obstacles and with the guidance of the instructors of the Lagunari “Serenissima” regiment, the unit specialized in amphibious operations.

SportFelix and Laura Cristina

Laura Cristina is the artistic director of Bibione Beach Fitness and together with SportFelix she created and brought the event to today’s levels.

Laura tells us amused: “Eighteen years ago there were 160 of us, with just one stage under a tent. Today there are fifteen stages and we are always under the sun and even the rain. The recipe for this success is simple and does not change, and is professionalism, competence and the ability to have fun in a healthy way. And then there are “my” trainers, who I know one by one. They are a source of pride because in addition to being responsible for what they do, they love this event as much as I do and know how to convey to the public the joy of all being together doing something really beautiful.”

Bibione Beach Fitness has become a cornerstone of September in Bibione together with other active holiday events organized by SportFelix. In just two weekends the attendance linked to these events exceeds 10 thousand and gives the Venetian beach of Bibione a balance that replicates the exceptional 2022 season.

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