Ready to close the competitive season with a nice party? There Veneto Classic it is in fact the race on the national calendar which, due to its atmosphere and collateral activities, aims more than any other to make a cycling race the ideal way to have fun and share the healthy passion for cycling. It did so in its first two years of life and will also do so for its third edition, which is scheduled Sunday 15 October as the closing event of the exhibition Ride the Dreamlandorganized by PP Sport Events with the Veneto region.

This year we will start from Mel (Belluno), elected one of the most beautiful villages in Italy since 2018, and we will go in the direction of Feltre, then walk along the right bank of the Piave river up to Pederobba and then head towards Bassano del Grappa, also passing through the city of Canova , Possagno, and Romano d’Ezzelino.

At this point, having arrived in the city of the Alpine troops, we will have just passed the first, totally flat, 80 km of the race. The race will then start to get more exciting with the first circuit La Rosina, 12.6 km long and which will have to be repeated 4 times, one more than in 2022. The climb, already the scene of battle several times in the Giro del Veneto and the Giro d’Italia, represents the center of the world for cycling enthusiasts in the area , and also in this Veneto Classic presents itself as a useful scenario for opening hostilities. It is 2.1 km long with an average gradient of 6.5%, and after 4 climbs, with the group certainly already small, there will be 60 km to go until the finish.

Then it will be time for the circuit de The Tisaa short cobbled sector 330 meters at 15.2%, brought to the fore by Pozzato and his team for the first time on the occasion of the 2020 Italian Championships. 12.4 km long, this circuit will have to be repeated 3 times in its entirety, but the climb will have to be overcome one more time, given that the runners will face it even before entering the ring. The wall of La Tisa is also where the Veneto Classic will assert its most party spirit: along the gap, in fact, a special area will be set up where you can drink Pedavena beer and eat a You&Meat hamburger – accompanied by a DJ set for warm up the environment even more – applaud the runners in the 4 stages of the climb and follow the rest of the race on the specially installed giant screen. In short, with the Tisa Party you will have a taste of the Flemish atmosphere on the splendid Venetian streets.

Before the arrival of Bassano, however, there is still an asperity, the wall of Diesel Farmthe tailoring of wine, 1300 meters of dirt at 10.9% of medium gradient, 10 km from the finish. Then there is the short and dry ramp of Contrà Soarda, before traveling along Contrà San Giorgio and viale Diaz. After crossing the Ponte Nuovo in the centre, at Piazzale Cadorna, a sharp left turn onto Via Porto di Brenta, a last effort in Via Portici Lunghi to climb the squares and reach the finish line in Piazza Libertà, where the successor to Samuele Battistella and Marc Hirschi will be rewarded .

“Three years ago, together with the Veneto Region, we launched the Veneto Classic with the desire and plan to do something new and fresh for the Italian calendar, which was also recognized on an international level – explains Filippo Pozzato, founder of PP Sport Events -. For us, great cycling must be the excuse to experience a day of celebration, enjoying the race but also the atmosphere around it. This is why the idea of ​​the Tisa Party and this is why there will also be a way to have fun in Bassano del Grappa”.

Upon arrival, in fact, there will be a large area reserved for PP Sport Events sponsors, who with their stands will be able to welcome all those who want to find out more or test the various products.

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