Federciclismo, agreement announced with Lega Ciclismo and Lombardy Region

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Lombardy Region, the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI) and the Professional Cycling League was held yesterday in Milan, at Palazzo Lombardia, with the aim of “creating common synergies in the valorisation of assets linked to the world of sport and entertainment and in particular to promote and develop cycling sports culture”.

The governor of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, the Undersecretary with responsibility for Sport and Youth of the Lombardy Region, Lara Magoni, the FCI President, Cordiano Dagnoni and the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Professional Cycling League, Cesare Di Cintio, spoke at the conference.

Also in the room were the organizers of the Lombardy races, as well as the FCI regional president, Stefano Pedrinazzi.

Attilio Fontana opened the speeches and greeted those present as follows: “Lombardy is investing a lot in sport. Not just the Olympics. We recently hosted the World Fencing Championships and the European Equestrian Championships. Promotion of the territory and the values ​​of sport, which help to achieve fundamental balances for our existence. This is particularly true in cycling which has found fertile ground in our region, starting from the champions of the beginning of the last century such as Luigi Ganna, up to the present day. Today, with this agreement we are even closer to cycling events, a sport that is good for your health.”

Followed by Undersecretary Lara Magoni: “With President Fontana we have seized the great opportunity to work together. Cycling is much more than we think and bike races take your breath away with the emotions they can offer. Personally I think it is a world to be proud of. Today we present a technical-sports protocol that is a pioneer for the promotion of Olympic values ​​and fair play. Thanks to Di Cintio, Dagnoni, the companies and the organizers present”.

It was then the turn of FCI number one Dagnoni: “We reached an agreement on the eve of the Trittico Lombardo, an important event for the area which contributed to writing the history of cycling. Our sport is an integral part of the culture of this area, and it was easy to establish a dialogue (which quickly led to this Memorandum of Understanding) with the Lombardy Region.

Cycling, and in particular cycle tourism, are increasingly becoming a source of economic, social and cultural wealth for the territories it affects. For this reason the Federation has entered into agreements with various regions, I am thinking of the agreements reached with Trentino, Tuscany, Puglia as well as today’s agreement with Lombardy. My hope is that today’s situation can also be taken as an example by other realities, for the common desire to grow sports practice and cycling in all its forms.”

The lawyer Di Cintio closed the interventions. “The reconstruction of the Cycling League passes through the valorisation of the races and the teams. I discovered a great passion in Italy for 2 wheels, but this alone is not enough. New networks are needed for the growth of our events. The Italian circuit is unique, made up of races appreciated throughout the world. I realized this when comparing myself with international broadcasters. In these months as Commissioner I wanted to understand how to apply certain parameters that exist in other sports to cycling, a movement capable of being international and therefore a great opportunity for promotion”.

Di Cintio added some details regarding the TV production: “We have rebuilt important relationships, starting from the relationship with Rai, distributing our events internationally. In a few days we will make public a new partnership for the widespread distribution of cycling.

We work to grow the movement also within local institutions and at central level. The bike movement is capable of spreading culture and education such as road safety. President Malagò himself underlined how Lega and FCI are an example of synergy”.

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