World Rugby Ranking: Fiji and Wales rise at the expense of Australia

World Rugby Ranking: Fiji and Wales rise at the expense of Australia
World Rugby Ranking: Fiji and Wales rise at the expense of Australia

Leap forward by the Islanders, the Wallabies risk remaining in the top 10

World Rugby Ranking: Fiji rises

After the second block of Rugby World Cup matches, the world ranking shows further changes in position. The shocks of the first round didn’t happen this time, but three teams from the top 10 now find themselves in different positions.

Ireland remains firmly in first place, followed by South Africa, while France, New Zealand and Scotland maintain their place in the top 5 of the international rankings.

From sixth to tenth place, however, we note the progress of Wales and Fiji, who both move up one position due to the islanders’ victory over Australia, which in turn dropped two spaces.

Therefore, after England who are sixth, we find Wales seventh, Fiji eighth and Australia ninth. Argentina closes the first part of the list in tenth position.

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World Rugby Ranking: Fiji and Wales rise at the expense of Australia

In the second part of the ranking, Italy is stable in twelfth place and the situation of all the other teams involved in last week’s matches such as Chile, Portugal, Samoa, Uruguay, Japan and Tonga remains unchanged.

An element to take into consideration is that given the exceptional nature of the world event, the scores are worth double. And then there is the variable of the “neutral field”, which further levels out the imbalances that would exist between the home and away teams.

The wait now shifts entirely to South Africa vs Ireland, the match between the top two in the class which could cause a changing of the guard in the rankings. The challenge is scheduled for Saturday 23 September at 9.00 pm in Paris.

The World Rugby Ranking after the second round of the 2023 World Cup:

1 Ireland 91.82
2 South Africa 91.67
3 France 90.59
4 New Zealand 87.69
5 Scotland 83.43
6 England 83.24 (+0.02)
7 (↑8) Wales 80.66
8 (↑9) Fiji 80.66 (+2.78)
9 (↓7) Australia 79.00 (-2.78)
10 Argentina 77.59
11 Samoa 76.19
12 Italy 75.63
13 Georgia 74.32
14 Japan 73.27 (-0.02)
15 Tonga 70.29
16 Portugal 68.61
17 Uruguay 66.63
18 US 66.22
19 Romania 64.56
20 Spain 64.05 © all rights reserved

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