Rafael Nadal stings Djokovic: “He won everything thanks to his frustration”

Rafael Nadal stings Djokovic: “He won everything thanks to his frustration”
Rafael Nadal stings Djokovic: “He won everything thanks to his frustration”

Rafael Nadal breaks the silence of recent months, which began after the conference in which he announced his long stop from tennis. I did it in an exclusive interview with the Spanish media Movistar Plus in which he starts right from his return to the circuit:

“I would like to play again, I would like to be competitive. My goal is not to win Roland Garros or the Australian Open again. The fans must not get confused. I am very aware of the moment in my life I am in. Then things can change at any moment”.

About the injury

“I live with controlled pain. It’s not a pain that makes life bitter. There are times when it’s difficult for me to go down the stairs at home. When it happens, it happens, it’s difficult to be very happy.”

On the tennis played

“I’ve seen little tennis in this period, but not because I suffer from not being able to play. I’m not like that. I’m someone who turns the page very quickly. I watched the US Open and it didn’t hurt me not to be there. I live it naturally. I don’t watch much. tennis because I need to disconnect. I watched the Wimbledon final, the US Open. When you’ve done one thing your whole life, it’s hard to watch a tennis match and get distracted. You end up analyzing things as if you were going to play the day later. later and this does not allow you to log out”.

On Djokovic’s record of Slam titles (+2 from Nadal)

“I’m not frustrated. For one simple reason: because I believe I did everything I could to make things go as best as possible for me.”

Djokovic and frustration

To the question: “But can’t you be frustrated with 22 Slam titles?”, the Spaniard replied: “You can live frustrated with 22 Slams, for example Novak lives it more intensely. For him it would have been more frustrating not to have succeeded. Maybe that’s why he did it.”

On his career

“I was one of the most inactive players on the circuit for many years. I missed four and a half years of Grand Slam tournaments. This is sport. Djokovic is more successful also because he has had a level of fitness that has allowed him to play more than me.”

Djokovic: “Federer and Nadal are my great rivals, they have occupied my thoughts for 15 years”

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