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The results of the Lyons weekend: excellent impressions from Cadets and Under 18s

The results of the Lyons weekend: excellent impressions from Cadets and Under 18s
The results of the Lyons weekend: excellent impressions from Cadets and Under 18s

A very positive first outing for the Sitav Rugby Lyons cadet team, which easily beat Bologna Rugby Club in the first friendly match at the start of the season. 8 goals scored compared to only one conceded for the young lions, who have already demonstrated that they are in an excellent state of form and have made the best use of the many new additions arriving from the youth sector, which this year promoted two to seniors vintages. The key to the match was certainly the strong defense fielded by Baracchi and Solari’s boys, which progressively snuffed out any initiative from the opponents.

Lyons made a rocket start, scoring twice on the wing with Bolzoni in the first 12 minutes of the game, taking the lead at the opening 0-14. After the initial shock, the hosts took the field, scoring their first try in the 24th minute. After that it’s practically a black and white monologue, with another six goals scored both with excellent maneuvers from the attacking midfield and with the power of the forwards. Of note is the first outing in the senior team for the youngsters Amir Ali, Oppizzi Andrea, Fornasari, Cassinari, Zucchini and Bosoni, scoring with a goal to mark their debut.

The next friendly outing for the Bianconeri will be Sunday 24 September against Centurioni Lumezzane, in view of the start of the championship on 8 October.

Emilbanca Bologna Rugby Club vs Rugby Lyons 7 – 52

Scoreboard: 4′ m Bolzoni tr Groppelli N, 12′ m Bolzoni tr Groppelli N, 24′ m Bologna tr., 31′ m Profiti tr Groppelli N, 41′ m Bosoni tr Groppelli N., 45′ m Groppelli N, 56′ m Borghi tr Groppelli N, 59′ m Perazzoli tr Groppelli N, 67′ m Borghi

Sitav Rugby Lyons: Spezia L., Ugolotti, Bassi G, Oppizzi D, Bolzoni, Groppelli N, Tasha, Bellani, Oppizzi A, Perazzoli, Pozzoli, Cazzarini, Espinoza, Lanzani, Cantù

Entered: Amir Ali, Bosoni, Groppelli G, Borghi, Petrusic, Bellani, Bongiorni, Fornasari, Cassinari, Cipriano, Zucchini, Profiti

Coaches: Baracchi, Solari

The Under 18

The second match was also good for the Under 18s of Emilbanca Rugby Lyons, who also made excellent impressions in the second pre-season friendly, played on the Rangers Vicenza pitch. The young Lions would have had to face the first round of Barrage for access to the National Championship, but the withdrawal of Roma Sud led to the organization of this match, in which the coaches’ request was to play a “real” match , as if it were actually a direct playoff match.

The match was very close, with the Lyons who managed to break the resistance of the Vicenza Rangers by relying on an excellent performance in the scrum and throw-in, which allowed the team to advance. The performance was positive all round, with the young Lions making themselves dangerous even in wide spaces with their own attacking midfielders, but often losing possession of the ball due to forced choices or excessive frenzy. The strategic management of the match was also excellent, with the Bianconeri fully involved in the match, deciding on several occasions to try to reach the posts from a free kick, as would have been done in a barrage match. In particular, after the hosts’ second try, with a score of 14-12, the Bianconeri did well to stay focused and respond with two free kicks, putting themselves back up by 8 points in just a few minutes. Discipline was a negative note, with the Lyons receiving 12 free kicks in the first 30 minutes plus a yellow card, which did not allow the Lions to play continuously in the opposing field, giving away balls to the Rangers.

A certainly very useful test in view of the next match against Rugby Parma in the next round of Barrage, decisive for access to the National Championship.

Rangers Vicenza vs Emilbanca Rugby Lyons 19-28

Lyons scorers

Goals: 1 Belforti, 1 Ziliani, 1 Camoni

Transformations: 1 Russo, 1 Torricella

Free kicks: 3 Torricella

Emilbanca Rugby Lyons: Torricella, Belforti, Seminari, Franzoso, Comizzoli; Russo, Viti; Camoni (cap), Mazzocchi, Konte; Pellarini, Fr Island; D’Onofrio, Mazzoni, Haseeb

Entered: Binati, Marceta, Barbieri, Isola Fi, Pagliafora, Bosoni, Locca, Leddi, Belforti, Cordani, Ziliani, Mutti

Coaches: Salvetti, Bergamaschi, Mozzani

Under 16

Second edition of the “Two Cities” tournament, organized on the occasion of the Sponsor that unites the Piacenza and Bolognese teams. After the beautiful day last year, this year too we saw the improvements of the two teams on the pitch, who played an excellent game, giving each other a hard time.

The Under 16 boys left the field as losers against a Bologna team in great form, in a very hard-fought match. A few too many errors prevented the Bianconeri from reaching the goal and scoring points, frustrating the great efforts of the young lions. The first half ends with only one try converted by the opponents, conceded only after the initial 5 minutes, and a difficult free kick missed by Anelli. In the second half the team manages to impose itself more and more, but due to a naivety Bologna scores its second try bringing the result to 14-0. In the final, the Bianconeri managed to react with a try by Peteusic and converted by himself, but the match ended 14-7 in favor of the Bolognese.

The barrage matches to access the Elite championship will begin on Sunday 24 September, with the first opponent being Piacenza Rugby.

Emilbanca “Two Cities” Trophy

Bologna Rugby Club vs Emilbanca Rugby Lyons 14 – 7

Training: Del Fiol; Tosciri; Rings; Monici; Rossi; Petrusic; Beghi(Cap); Galuzzi; Mastrorocco; Guglieri; Drinking fountain; Bonvino; Dotti; Salicelli; Sula.

Entered: Ferrari Marzio; Lacks; Bucellari; Di Somma; Rangoni; Sambin; Turrisi.

Scoring: 5’m tr Bologna(7-0); second half; 15’mt tr Bologna(7-0),25’mt Petrusic tr Petrusic(14-7)

Coaches: Bedini, Rossi, Cemicetti

Under 14

Good first match for the new Juventus Under 14 team, dealing with a big jump in category and regulation compared to last season, which confirms the victory obtained in last year’s edition of the “Two Cities” Tournament by beating their peers from Bologna Rugby Club. Despite the limited numbers, the young lions played an excellent performance, considering only two weeks of training under their belt. The attitude shown by the little lions was positive, showing a great desire to play and have fun. There are obviously many aspects to work on, but the 6 goals scored by 2 demonstrate the excellent base from which this group starts and on which the technical staff will be able to work.

Bologna Rugby Club vs Emilbanca Rugby Lyons 14-35

Lyons scorers

Destinations: 3 Fornaroli, 1 Folliero, 1 Rossetti, 1 Santi

Transformations: 2 Folliero

Emilbanca Rugby Lyons: Del Fiol, Torrisi M, Santi, Rossetti, Dadati O, Folliero, Tusino, Di Cuia, Romio, Fornaroli, Maggi, Uka, Torrisi S, Catelli, Pea, Dadati G

Coaches: Groppelli, Dodici, Dimilito