49′ – Cherchi blows the whistle for the end of the match, Empoli conquers Vinovo and wins 3-2 thanks to Corona’s brace and Vannarelli’s goal. Juve tried to put things back in order with goals, both from the spot by Anghelé and Vacca, but failed to create real dangers in Seghetti’s area during the second half. In the end, two good interventions from Vinarcik, which partially make up for a bad first half, and the expulsion of Owusu. Thank you for following the live text, we wish you a good evening.

48′ – Last minute of hope for Juve. Everyone up for the free kick that will be taken by the Bianconeri.

47′ – He tries the assist with the rev counter Finocchiaro, no Juventus player manages to beat it in the penalty area. It will be thrown back on for Empoli.

45′ – Four minutes of added time were granted by the match whistle. Meanwhile Finocchiaro tries to target an opponent and finish, Seghetti blocks it to the ground.

44′ VINARCIK AGAIN – On the free kick kicked by Bacci, Gaj’s gap was well contained by Vinarcik who saved himself in two halves.

43′ – Owusu, already booked, goes into the shower and knocks Gaj out and is sent off.

42′ – Florea’s free kick falls prey to Seghetti who catches it on the way out without difficulty.

40′ – Central conclusion by Corona, simple catch by the home goalkeeper.

37′ VINARCIK! Here the Slovakian goalkeeper does well to save from the developments of a poisonous free kick taken by Bacci, Juve can start again.

36′ – El Bianche is unleashed and forces Pagnucco to foul, yellow card!

35′ – Last change: Domanico out, Finocchiaro in. Montero plays his last card.

29′ – Another yellow card for Juve is Anghelé for the foul on Kaczmarski.

27′ – Juve is pushing hard, but few scoring opportunities have been created. Empoli relies on the counterattack to hurt.

24′ – Pugno gets into the area, but his key pass doesn’t find any free teammate in the centre.

23′ – Empoli tries to strike on the counterattack, but El Bianche’s cross finds no one.

21′ FLOREA!!! – Florea tries from behind, a powerful shot that misses the target.

20′ – Cross from Vacca, Dragoner doesn’t trust and deposits it in the corner.

19′ – The new player El Biache was immediately dangerous and Florea contained him foully.

17′ – Another change for Montero: Srdoc out, Pugno in.

15′ – Sodero missed the ball sensationally in the penalty area, then Corona missed the target.

12′ – Turco out, having just been booked, Savio comes in. Birindelli, however, has not yet made any substitutions.

10′ – Second booked in the Bianconeri ranks, it is Turco who ends up in the bad guys’ notebook.

8′ – Empoli returns to the attack, winning the first corner of the second half.

5′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF COW – Very similar to the first penalty, Seghetti guesses but is unable to deflect the ball. Vacca brings the Bianconeri to -1.

4′ JUVE PENALTY KICK – The Bianconeri again from the spot, with Anghelé’s placed shot finding the deflection of an opponent’s arm. Vacca is preparing to kick the penalty.

2′ – Corona, excellently primed by Sodero, dribbles past Vinarcik and misses the target from a lateral position.

1′ – The second half has begun, we start again with a 3-1 lead for the guests.

7.31pm – The two teams are on the field, Florea and Vacca enter to give a shock.

47′ – The referee immediately blows the whistle for the end of the first half, Empoli is prevailing 3-1 in Vinovo thanks to Corona’s brace and Vannarelli’s goal. Anghelé, on a penalty kick, reopens it after injury time has expired. See you again in 15′.

46′ PENALTY FOR JUVENTUS – Gaj lands in the Srdoc area, for Cherchi there is no doubt and the penalty kick is blown. Anghelé on the spot.

45′ – One minute of added time granted by the match director.

43′ – First sanction for the Bianconeri, Domanico ends up in the bad guys’ notebook.

40′ Vannarelli scores the 3-0 – On the free kick, Vannarelli manages to overcome Vinarcik and takes the advantage of three goals. Juve in doll.

39′ – Inattention from Vinarcik, who blocks a teammate’s back pass with his hands. Cherchi does not escape the match whistle, blowing the foul in the Juve penalty area.

38′ Corona doubles – Nice goal from the Tuscan striker, who pierces a less-than-impeccable Vinarcik from a lateral position and scores his personal brace.

37′ – Vinarcik comes out badly, Empoli can try with Kaczmarski who finds the deflection of a Juventus player. Empoli remains ahead.

35′ SRDOC VERY CLOSE TO EQUAL – Nice ball from Turco for Srdoc who first finds the rebound from Seghetti, then on the second conclusion he kicks badly and the ball ends up at the bottom. Juventus reaction.

34′ – Juve trying to react, but Turco fails to reach Anghelé’s cross.

31′ – Match referee Cherchi sees a confusing foul in the penalty area following the corner taken by Scienza. Empoli can breathe.

28′ Corona goal – All Empoli’s first action which starts with Kaczmarski talking to his offensive teammates, lastly touched by Sodero for Corona who pierces Vinarcik. It’s the opening goal for the Azzurri.

26′ – Cue from Barsi who tries to surprise Vinarcik, the ball doesn’t drop.

23′ – Gaj is still dangerous, Domanico did well to follow the movement of the ball and anticipate Corona’s slide.

18′ – Owusu called back by the referee who warns him verbally.

17′ – Juve in attack, two corners have already been earned in just a few seconds.

14′ MARTINEZ! – Excellent defensive intervention by the former Espanyol player who anticipates Corona and deflects a potential dangerous opportunity into a corner. It will be a corner kick for Empoli.

13′ – Fair play by Corona, who shakes his hand after the foul on Ripani.

10′ – Corona, of first intention, fails to pierce Vinarcik and shoots wide. First opportunity for the Tuscans.

9′ – First corner for the Tuscans, Domanico takes care of defusing a possible dangerous action for the guests.

7′ – Anghelé shows up near Seghetti, but is anticipated by the opposing defenders.

5′ – Vinarcik good on the way out, Gaj’s throw was too long for his teammate.

3′ – The two teams started strong already in the first minutes of the game.

6.30pm – It started at Ale & Ricky, the kick-off goes to the Tuscans.

6.20pm – The teams have returned to the changing rooms, we are just waiting for the protagonists to enter the field.

6.15pm – The official lineups:

JUVENTUS (3-4-2-1): Vinarcik; Martinez Crous, Domanico, Gil Puche; Turco, Owusu, Ripani, Pagnucco; Science, Srdoc; Anghelé. Available: Radu, Firman, Vacca, Savio, Giorgi, Florea, Bassino, Ngana, Finocchiaro, Scarpetta, Pugno. All. Montero.

Empoli (3-4-1-2): Seghetti; Dragoner, Indragoli, Mannelli; Gaj, Kaczmarski, Vallarelli, Barsi; Sodero; Bacci, Corona. Available: Vertua, Majdandzic, Stoyanov, Bocci, Stassin, Ansah, De Ferdinando, Bacciardi, Pauliuc, Herculano, El Biache. All. Birindelli.

6.10pm – The match will be visible on Sportitalia, channel 60 of the DTT, starting from 6.30pm.

6.05pm – Juve in search of a hat trick, a curious comparison between Paolo Montero and Alessandro Birindelli who have been companions in a thousand battles in black and white.

6pm – Friends of “”, happy Monday from your Mirko Di Natale and welcome to the live text of Juventus-Empoli, a match valid for the third day of the Primavera 1 championship.

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