He won everything thanks to his frustration

The former tennis number one has spoken again and in an interview he revealed the main difference between him and Djokovic. Nadal’s statements will not go unnoticed.

Rafa Nadal he played only one tournament all season, at the Australian Open he injured himself playing the second round match with McDonald. From that moment on he never went down a field again, he tried to get back on clay, but he couldn’t and in the spring he underwent surgery. He has set an appointment for 2024. Uncle Toni (who was his mentor and coach for years) has made it known that he will return to Melbourne. Nadal is giving messages on social media and has made it clear that he is working hard to get back on the court, now he has also made his voice heard in a long interview, in which he also spoke about Novak Djokovic, one of its great rivals.

The former world number one reappeared after months giving an exclusive interview to the Spanish media Movistar Plus. Nadal, who left the top ten after 18 years and for the first time since 2004 will end the season without even an ATP title, has explained that at the moment his goal is to return to being competitive. Winning in Paris or Melbourne is not on his mind for now: “I would like to play again, I would like to be competitive. My goal is not to win Roland Garros or the Australian Open again. Fans shouldn’t get confused. I am very aware of where I am in my life. Then things can change at any moment.”

Then Nadal was asked if he was satisfied with his career. Rafa has won 22 Slam titles, over 90 titles and was at number 1 for 209 weeks. Extraordinary numbers which, however, still keep him behind Djokovic (and Federer in the weeks at the top). Rafa is more than satisfied with what he has done in his career: “I’m not frustrated. This is so for a simple reason. Because I believe I have done everything possible within my possibilities so that things would go as best as possible for me.”

A concept that is not new and that Nadal had already expressed in the past, but this time there is something new. Because there is a stab, not a small one, for Novak Djokovic. To the question: But can’t you be frustrated with 22 Slam titles?“, the Spaniard replied: However, I believe it is possible. I think Novak Djokovic experiences it in that sense more intensely than I did. For him I think it’s a frustration or perhaps it would have been greater not to have been able to reach that record. And maybe that’s why he did it, why he reached that number of victories.”

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