The incredible accident of the former Serie A footballer: he takes the roundabout at 200 km/h, the car flies and ends up in the gym

A crazy accident, which could have been a tragedy for him and a massacre for the children who were in the gym until a few seconds before. One can safely speak of a miracle by seeing the images of the accident that involved it Sofian Kiyine, former footballer of Chievo Verona, Venice, Lazio and Salernitana, now in Belgium (in Leuven). His car literally took off after going through a very high-speed roundabout and crashed into a gymnasium where, up until a few moments before, there were dozens of children.

Kiyine, crazy accident in Belgium

The pictures speak for themselves. The footballer’s car can be seen arriving at very high speed (apparently around 200 kilometers per hour), taking a roundabout and taking off, ending up against the wall of a gymnasium and breaking through it.

The footballer was returning from training when, having reached the roundabout, he lost control of the car, which literally took off, breaking through the wall of the Flémalle sports hall and landing on the parquet where the children of the basketball and gymnastics teams were training a few moments before. Just thinking about what could have happened if the little ones had been on the pitch makes you shiver.

He doesn’t risk his life

The footballer, as confirmed by the club, is not in danger of life. He was taken to the emergency room and reportedly suffered several fractures, a hematoma on a cheekbone and whiplash.

“Kiyine was taken to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, where further tests are underway: his life is not in danger. Fortunately, no other vehicles or people were involved in the accident. The club awaits further clarification on the exact circumstances of how the accident happened before responding further. We wish Sofian a speedy recovery.”

The agent of the footballer Luciano Malagnini updated on his conditions by speaking with the Lazio portal we are:

“He lives with his family in Liège and was returning from training in Lueven. He wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see the roundabout, taking flight and breaking through the window of a sports building. Thanking the lord he’s fine, he has some inclined vertebrae, but he has nothing that prevents him from going back to playing, it’s not life threatening. He never passed out, he was immediately taken to the hospital where they sedated him because he was very agitated, then he underwent some CT scans and is unharmed. He is now being monitored and will remain there for a few days for further investigations, I think that within ten days he will be able to return to sporting activity”.

“I spoke to him, luckily it was just a big scare. When I saw the video of the accident I thought it was life threatening, but he was miraculously healed, an angel saved him. I dare not imagine what would have happened if instead of the window there had been a wall”.

Who is Sofian Kiyine

Sofian Kiyine is a footballer born in Morocco in 1997, with Belgian citizenship and Italian passport. A quality midfielder with good technical skills, he grew up in Standard Liège, before a long journey in Italy. From 2016 to 2022 he wore the shirts of Chievo Verona, Salernitana, Lazio and Venice, with which he played the last season in Serie A.

Sofian Kiyine

From this year he plays in Belgium, in Leuven, with which he signed a four-year contract: so far this season he has played 20 games scoring two goals.

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