U19 selection: 28 called up for three matches with Wales and England – Youth rugby team – Rugbymeet

The Technical Manager of the Italian Under 19 Selection Paolo Grassi has summoned 28 athletes in preparation for the two matches against the Welsh U19 Selection scheduled for 12 and 16 April. The Azzurrini will meet in Parma from 5 April and after the two matches against the Welsh Selection – on 28 April – an official match against England is scheduled.

“The main objective of the next two matches of the Italian Under 19 Selection is to increase the international exposure of the athletes involved. There is good convergence between the 6 Nations federations on the training needs of elite athletes in the various stages of development and the two training matches in Wales, as well as the match against England on 28 April, are an example of this. The U19 program is closely linked to that of the U20 and the next tour could mean, for some of these kids, the possibility of being selected for the 2023 World Rugby U20 Championship” commented Maurizio Zaffiri, Operations Manager of the Elite Youth Project.

“This mini-tour represents an important moment for international confrontation for a group of athletes whose objective is to aspire to be part of the Italy U20” declared Paolo Grassi.

This is the schedule for the next matches of Italy U19:

12.04 – Brewery Field Bridgend – Timetable TBC

Wales Selection U19 v Italy Selection U19

16.04 – Brewery Field Bridgend – Timetable TBC

Wales Selection U19 v Italy Selection U19


Italy U19 v England U19

Here is the list of athletes called up:

Davide ASCARI (HBS Colorno)

Mirko BELLONI (Verona Rugby)

Luca BELLUCCI (Fiamme Oro Rugby)

Francesco BINI (Florentia Rugby)

Jacopo BOTTURI (Transvecta Calvisano)

Lorenzo CASILIO (Rugby Country)

Giovanni CINQUEGRANI (Benetton Rugby)

Olmo D’ALESSANDRO (Rugby Casale)

Patrick Brendan DE VILLIERS (Rugby Noceto)

Alessandro DI STEFANO (Rugby Experience L’Aquila)

Lorenzo ELETTRI (FEMI-CZ Rovigo)

Tommaso FERRARI (Capitoline Rugby Union)

Ferdinando FUSARI (Filamme Oro Rugby)

Francesco GANDOSSI (Rugby Rovato)

Nicholas GASPERINI (Stade Francais Paris)

Francesco GENTILE (Rugby Viadana 1970)

Francesco IMBERTI (Cus Turin)

Lorenzo THE THIRD (Petrarca Rugby)

Lorenzo NANNI (Livorno Rugby)

Federico Domenico PISANI (Verona Rugby)

Filippo RUSSI (Rugby Casale)

Davide SALVAN (Rugby Frassinelle)

Valerio SICILIAN (Union Rugby Capitolina)

Tommaso SIMONI (Valpolicella Rugby)

Leonardo SODO (SS Lazio Rugby 1927)

Tommaso TONETTA (Verona Rugby)

Andrea TONINELLI (Rugby Rovato)

Cesare ZUCCONI (Cavalieri Union Prato)

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