“Imola renounces 50,000 attendance”

“Imola renounces 50,000 attendance”
“Imola renounces 50,000 attendance”

Imola, 30 March 2023 – We go at the tiebreak. There waiver of Cc Lab to the lawsuit initiated to obtain an emergency decree for the use of the Autodrome at the end of May, declared closed a month ago by the Bologna court, he does not write (as widely foreseeable) the final word on the relationship between the organizers of the tennis tournament in Autodrome and Formula Imola.

Roman society, reiterating that it was “forced to cancel” the event essentially evicted from Formula 1 Grand Prix, confirmed yesterday in a note that it has not given up on “obtaining justice” regarding a situation which, again according to Cc Lab, “is becoming surreal”.

For this reason, once again stigmatizing the attitude of Formula Imola, accused of having “continued to support a (truly impossible) coexistence of two events” once it was known that the GP would take place in late May instead of in the traditional window of end of April, the promoters of the tennis tournament make it official that they will give “soon”. “Let’s start the lawsuits for the purpose of undertaking a claim for damages” against the company that manages the Autodrome’s activities.

That said, according to the owners of the brand ‘Tennis on the racetrack’ “it would have been ethical and responsible to seek settlement solutions to be reached outside a court, considering that the breach of contract by Formula Imola is a certain fact”.

Then, from part of Cc Lab, a reconstruction (evidently biased, as indeed was the one made last month by the mayor Marco Panieri in the City Council) on what should have happened in less than two months now. The work on setting up the clay court at the Autodromo should have started on Wednesday 17 May, while the event would have already begun on Saturday 20 and ended on Tuesday 23 at the end of the final day of meetings with the eight big names in the ATP ranking, including Matteo Berrettini, Alexander Zverev and Lorenzo Sonego.

According to Cc Lab, the event would include playgrounds for children, stands with collections of private cars and motorbikes, memorabilia from the world of tennis, driving simulators and tests on electric cars. All this “would have attracted around 50,000 people in the four days”, the organizers assure, speaking of an event that “would have guaranteed the area an important economic induced”.

Once the event has been cancelled, the matter appears to be far from being concluded. And who knows how long it will be. “Cc Lab will go forward, step by step, until the certain end that justice will be done – assure the company -. And it will warn those who have spoken of wanting to organize a similar event in the future, since ‘Tennis on the Racetrack’ is an exclusive idea and above all a registered format owned by Cc Lab”.

The rift with Formula Imola and Comune therefore proves to be incurable. “Cc Lab has always operated and is continuing to operate in the interest of the overall project, which continues and will stop in other countries and other continents, and of the safety of the professional athletes with whom it has entered into a contract on which obligations depend – they remark from society – All other considerations or insinuations are groundless, not very serious and misleading with respect to the real nature of the problem: the overlapping of two events that cannot in any way coexist in these terms”.

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