England mistreat Eddie Jones’ Japan

Borthwick’s men score eight tries and prevail with a clear 17-52

England mistreat Japan by Eddie Jones -ph.-S.pessina

Good at first for England who beat Japan with a peremptory 17-52 scoring eight tries during the match. Marcus Smith, in addition to scoring a try and converting four kicks – for a total of thirteen points – was the protagonist of an excellent performance (despite a yellow) which makes him the most likely candidate to wear the number ten shirt in the next tests in program against the All Blacks.

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But for coach Steve Borthwick there is not only positive news. The expulsion suffered by Ewels – the first player in the history of England to be sent off twice – and his certain disqualification will force the English coach to call a replacement into the group in view of the two matches in New Zealand. Furthermore, as the former second rower did not fail to underline in the press conference, the discipline aspect will absolutely have to be improved if we want to think of beating the All Blacks.

Japan, who fielded debutants in the starting fifteen, after taking the lead thanks to a free kick, tried to impose their game by speeding up the match points as much as possible but were immediately put in difficulty by the quality of the guests who patiently let their players vent Brave Blossom and then punished them with Cunningham-South (14th), Smith (25), Feyi-Woboso (28) and Slade (41) effectively closing the match at the end of the first half with a partial score of 3-26.

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Japan – England lineups and scoreboard (17-52)

Yazaki; Naikabula, Riley, Osada, Nezuka; Lee, Saito; Mohara, Harada, Takeuchi, Waqa, Dearns, Leitch (capt), Costley, Makisi.
Available: Sakate, Miura, Tamefusa, Saumaki, Yamamoto, Fujiwara, Matsuda, Tua. (3) 17
Free kicks: Lee
Destinations: Nezuka, Yamasawa
Transformations: Matsuda 2

Furbank; Feyi-Waboso, Slade, Lawrence, Freeman; M Smith, Mitchell; Rodd, George (capt), Cole, Itoje, Martin, Cunningham-South, Underhill, Earl.
Available: Dan, Marler, Stuart, Ewels, T Curry, Randall, F Smith, Roebuck.

Goals: Cunningham-South, M Smith, Feyi-Waboso, Slade, Mitchell, Earl, Randall, Underhill
Transformations: M Smith 4, Slade 2

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