The strange Osimhen case. Why does no one (yet) pay the clause?

The strange Osimhen case. Why does no one (yet) pay the clause?
The strange Osimhen case. Why does no one (yet) pay the clause?

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120 million release clause. So why, to date (necessary to specify), has no one yet paid it? Because no one has elected yet Victor Osimhen your big goal in the summer transfer market? Let’s try to understand it together in the Podcast, with Marco Conterio.

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Napoli on Lukaku? Giorgio Chiellini’s opinion
During his speech on Sky Sportsthe former Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini spoke about Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian striker, now involved with his national team at the European Championship in Germany, has returned to Chelsea after a year on loan at Roma and remains one of the objectives for Napoli’s attacking department. Antonio Conte is pushing to have his center forward at Inter and we will see if the Neapolitan club will satisfy his coach in the summer phase of negotiations.

This is the former player’s thoughts on the matter: “I have always been pro-Lukaku – began Chiellini – even in the last year with Roma he did a lot. He needs a team around him, like Inter was. I believe that he is an important player who, if put in good physical condition, can make the difference, let’s not forget that Napoli will not play in the cups this year and it could be good for Lukaku to rest and train, we all need to train.

Napoli will have to understand what they will do with Kvara and Osimhen and then make a decision with Lukaku. But Lukaku is a purchase that should always be made, then afterwards there are other money dynamics, if it is a truly feasible deal and if he wants to go. As a player, Romelu cannot be discussed.”

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