Magalini and the magic number. Here’s what shots to expect

Magalini and the magic number. Here’s what shots to expect
Magalini and the magic number. Here’s what shots to expect

Giuseppe didn’t say much yesterday during the presentation press conference Magalini. Yet, the new sporting director has already given some important signals. He clearly said that it is necessary to bring to Bari players who can be ready and functional and above all he made explicit reference to the numbers: “at least ten, eleven, twelve”.

It is certainly reasonable to expect the arrival of at least one doorman given Brenno’s obvious farewell. The Brazilian was not convincing and at the end of the season he was also overtaken by Pissardo. It remains to be seen whether the former Novara number one will be able to maintain the starting position in the next championship. It will be up to Longo to untie this knot. In any case, whether as first or second, a goalkeeper will arrive.

In his career Moreno Longo very often used the defence to 3. So defense is certainly one of the departments “meager”, as said by Magalini himself. At the moment only Vicari seems to have the possibility of being the starter in the defensive three, with Ricci ready on the left. The others – Pucino and Matino – are candidates to act as supporting actors. Dorval’s position needs to be understood; directed towards the Zuzek exit. It will be necessary to wear red and white at least 3 new central defenders, two of whom can join Vicari as starters. Come on external you need one on each side.

The midfield it is one of the busiest departments at the moment. Even if, as Magalini suggested, discussions will need to be started to find out the moods of those players. What is certain is that on paper the names of Maiello, Maita and Benali seem to constitute an important starting point. It is also true that at least three men will then leave: Edjouma, Acampora and , all of whom have not been redeemed. Bellomo’s fate is uncertain. Faggi and Astrologer return from the loans. The feeling is that here too they are at least useful a couple of grafts.

If some departments are sparse, theattack it’s totally from refound. At present Bari doesn’t even have a first striker, but only some half strikers (Sibilli, Achik, Morachioli). In the department of center forward it is legitimate to expect many interventions (at least 3) and above all it is reasonable to expect an extremely immediate intervention to allow Longo to start working at his best from the first days of training camp.

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