Naples. Rugby Village. Salvio Esposito “Dr. Jokes and clams on the sunbed.”

Report by Maurizio Vitiello – The new book by Salvio Esposito “Doctor. Jokes and clams on the sunbed” will be presented at the Villaggio del Rugby, Viale della Liberazione, former NATO headquarters in , on Friday 28 June 2024, at 7pm.

Jokes and clams on the sunbed


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The new book by Salvio Esposito
with illustrations by Valentino De Luca
Friday 28 June 2024, at 7pm
Rugby Village, Liberation Avenue
former headquarters of NATO in Bagnoli

Friday 28 June 2024, at 7pm, Salvio Esposito will present his new book “Doctor. Jokes and clams on the sunbed” in the rugby village, at the Locanda del Terzo Tempo, in the former NATO base in Bagnoli. Published by ilmondodisuk

The small volume (160 pages, with preface by Augusto De Luca) transports the reader into the psychologist’s office, through the illustrations of the young artist from Procida Valentino De Luca: thus, blunders and slips of the tongue collected by Salvio Esposito in his long practice as a psychotherapist parade by, while discomfort and suffering give way to lightness.
In fact, unexpected smiles and even laughter erupt on the bed.

How is it possible that what makes us suffer also makes us laugh?

Sigmund Freud himself – writes Augusto Guarino in the preface – understood that it is what makes us laugh “the emergence of something that belongs to us but which has been repressed by society or removed into the unconscious, and which therefore would no longer be speakable”.
The following intervene with the author: the president of Coni Campania, Sergio Roncelli; the president of the Italian Rugby Federation (Fir) Campania Giuseppe Calicchiothe Old rugby advisor Alessandro Basile, the illustrator Valentino De Luca and the publisher Donatella Gallone. With the extraordinary participation of ROSALIA PORCARO.

At 7.45pm, copy signing: the author will donate the proceeds from the sale of the books to the project Escape rugby.

At 8pm, Third Period.
Brief information on the author:

Salvio Esposito He has lived and worked in Naples for almost 40 years as a psychologist and psychotherapist.

He has seen and heard of it, both cooked and crude…

He has worked in contexts of great social hardship such as prison, judicial psychiatric hospital and drug addiction.

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