Dumfries: “I love Inter but I dream of the Premier League. Never have dinner with Theo”

Dumfries: “I love Inter but I dream of the Premier League. Never have dinner with Theo”
Dumfries: “I love Inter but I dream of the Premier League. Never have dinner with Theo”

Which is better: Inter who reached the Champions League final or this year’s?

“It’s hard to choose because we’re talking about two teams that had their own qualities and characters. The second year, the one in the Champions League final, we had great players with a lot of experience. But each of the two teams was competitive and I felt good in both It’s impossible to say which is better. We played a great match but if Man City won it means they deserved it. But that doesn’t take anything away from our fantastic ride to the final. We are men and we have to accept defeat great team and if we continue to work well and grow we will try to win the Champions League again. I have faith in the team, the coach, the staff and the quality of my teammates. We have an excellent chance of winning this cup.”

“I think so. Inter is truly a great club that I am in love with. The people and teammates are like family to me. I feel at home at Inter. We have been discussing my renewal for some time.. but the club was in financial difficulty. Then, as everyone knows, the club changed owners during the European Championships or maybe after. It’s no secret that I would like to play in the Premier League style of play suits English football. But it is a blessing from God that I can play for Inter where I have won six trophies in three years. As already said, this is my home and my family is happy in Milan. I could never leaving Inter just to make a ‘dream’ come true. My blood is Nerazzurri, this is my family! I’m very close to the whole environment including the warehouse workers and the doctors… I really have a great relationship with everyone.”

Future at Juve or Milan?

“As I have already said, I love Inter but in football you never know. Although I repeat, I have never thought about it because I don’t want to leave.”

“There are always fiery battles with him but it’s normal for it to be like this in a derby. But I have no problem with Theo. Each of us defends the colors of our own club. He loves Milan, I love Inter and it’s always beautiful face him on the pitch because they are real battles with him. However, I want to point out that I don’t feel any hatred towards him even if no, I don’t think we will ever go to dinner together. There is only a sporting rivalry, us we respect each other and that’s what matters. I love sport, the rivalries and the tension of the matches. And then the Milan derby is always a special match. And these types of duels like the ones between Theo and me are in their DNA matches, making them special.”


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