“2 or 3 penalty points”: the sentence hits the newspapers first and then the club finds out

“2 or 3 penalty points”: the sentence hits the newspapers first and then the club finds out
“2 or 3 penalty points”: the sentence hits the newspapers first and then the club finds out

The Federation is inflexible on the sanction. The club finds out from the newspapers: disastrous penalty for the championship

Time for the Championships but also for appeals and penalties. While the great German tournament tries to attract the attention of the general public, some clubs – with the season just finished – have suffered the first criticisms from the Federationand the center of the discussion is always the same: the accounts.

The situation in some leagues, even among the best in Europe, is literally getting out of hand, and while football is moving towards definitively overcoming the post-pandemic crisis – with the introduction of every type of tournament in order to put together matches and sellable products to sponsors and TV – several clubs they don’t seem to be able to align yet.

Sustainable football is the dream that all clubs would like to achieve, with some exceptions that continue to invest a lot, perhaps too much. The Federation is now ready to bring a club into line, which last season would have had a significant deficit. The penalty could be up to three points penalty in the rankings, a sentence that would be as heavy as a boulder.

Penalty coming

And in recent months the Premier League has been trying to start fixing a situation that is – in fact – getting out of hand. Many clubs are under observation, including Newcastle, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest. In recent weeks the League in the Assembly took stock of the violations of Financial Fair Play, inviting the teams – including Chelsea – to put their accounts in order and now the clubs will have to sell for tens of millions of euros to return to compliance.

But there is another team that has ended up under the magnifying glass of the English Federation. We’re talking about Leicesternewly promoted to the Premier League which, according to what has emerged from the British media, would risk up to three penalty points for the start of the next championship. Here’s how things are.

Leicester source AnsaFoto – Ilovepalermocalcio.com

Leicester, 90 million deficit

Leicester would have ended up in the spotlight due to a deficit of 90 million euros for last season. After having dominated an important championship like the English one B series, i.e. the Championship, Leicester would now find themselves chasing.

According to expert Stefan Borson, here is the possible scenario for the foxies: “In case of early admission or cooperation with the League, the penalty would be only 3 points. It would make no sense for Leicester to drag out the issue“. We will therefore try, as Nottingham Forest did, to go against the dictates of the Premier League, to find a solution.

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