Sky towards pay-only broadcasting

Sky Italia closes ranks on the television rights of Champions, Europa League And Conference League. The three continental competitions – as anticipated by Football and Finance and confirmed now by The sun 24 hours – will not be shared with other broadcasters. And in addition, the newspaper explains that the Italian matches in the Champions League will only be broadcast on the platform Sky or up NOW.

None of the matches involving the Serie A teams in the new Champions League should therefore be broadcast free-to-air, not even on TV8, Comcast’s “flagship” pay-TV network. The matches will remain like this exclusive disposal of subscriberswho will be able to see 185 out of 203 Champions League matches, the entire Europa League and the entire Conference League.

A new scenario, impossible for the three-year period that has just ended and which, at the time of the assignment, had been conditioned by the decision of the Italian Antitrust which had imposed a three-year preventive block on Sky in the acquisition of exclusives for the web , following the purchase, which in fact never even happened, of the R2 technology platform used by the then Mediaset Premium for its broadcasts.

New Champions League games free to air – Sky’s economic commitment

Without this the ban, Sky has focused decisively on European cups, with a significant financial outlay which – according to rumours – is around 220 million euros per season. An important commitment, but also consequent to the fact that the new Champions League formula will start from the 2024/25 season: it will be played 11 months out of 12 and the matches they will be a total of 47% more than previous editions.

Eight Italians involved in European cups: five in the Champions League (Inter; Milan; Juventus; Atalanta and Bologna); two in the Europa League (Roma and Lazio) and one in the Conference (Fiorentina). With this scenario, the Champions League will therefore no longer be visible on Mediaset after the 2021-2024 cycle (neither free-to-air nor pay). AD Pier himself explained it Silvio Berlusconiunderlining that sport «has become mainly pay-TV content: it costs a lot of money. Paying a lot is not a sign of wealth but of the difficulty of pay-TV. Today they only manage to sell big events to gain subscribers. Represents a quite fragile business modeldifferent from our mentality».

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