LIVE LBA – Reyer Venezia vs Virtus Bologna 40′ 76-73 timeout Banchi

LIVE LBA – Reyer Venezia vs Virtus Bologna 40′ 76-73 timeout Banchi
LIVE LBA – Reyer Venezia vs Virtus Bologna 40′ 76-73 timeout Banchi

The series moves to Taliercio: theUmana Reyer Venice will try to lengthen, the Virtus Segafredo Bologna to secure the pass for the final. First match point for coach Luca Banchi’s team which takes to the field today Wednesday 29 May at 8.45pm after winning the first two matches, both narrow (the first in overtime) in Bologna. The two teams come from an intense Game 2 which saw Reyer come close to winning, with two late free throws from Cordinier deciding it and which created many discussions and sparked the anger of coach Spahija, who did not appear at the press conference. Today a new opportunity for orogranatas who want to avoid the coat.

Reyer Venezia vs Virtus Bologna, live

4th quarter – Virtus’ 13 turnovers so far are bloody. Heidegger scores at the start of the overtaking, Shengelia equalizes with 9’20”. Heidegger triples at the beginning of the 32nd minute 64-61. Dunston scores both of his free throws. Free for Tucker 2/2. The ball becomes heavy, but not for Belinelli, which equalized at 66 with 7’28” due to Spahija’s timeout. Reyer misses, Dunston dunks counter pass. Virtus ok with a splash in the area, assist by Pajola for Belinelli alone under the basket 66-70 with 5’50”. Triple by Heidegger who skips Taliercio and closes the guests’ 0-7. With 5’19” Dunston 0/2 on the line (13/21 as a team at the moment). Fourth foul by Shengelia who goes out. Simms crushes the score with 4’55” to make it 71-70, Banchi timeout. Spissu doesn’t escape with an empty triple (0/7 shooting so far), Cordinier goes for a counter-overtake, Pajola throws the ball away for the extension, Reyer timeout with 2’49”. Shot clock violation for Tessitori. Lost by Shengelia, again by steps. Crunch time: tension can be affected. Tucker doesn’t put the triple on one side, frees for Zizic with 1’34” 1/2. Heidegger continues in his brilliant second half: winning entry and additional free throw 74-73. Hackett’s attack fails, Parks finds help from the scoreboard with 37.0″ for Reyer +3.

3rd quarter – Shengelia lost immediately, triple from the corner after 20.0″ +14 Bologna. Tucker gets blocked by Zizic. Involuntary Spissu-Shengelia clash, luckily without damage. Tessitori first, Shengelia then fouls in attack, with 7’21” Simms scores with the help of the scoreboard 40-52. Cordinier’s triple is ready, but it’s difficult for Umana to recover from this Juventus continuity. And instead Hackett makes the triple but shoots a moment after the 24th second. From -15 Parks scores a triple with 6’00”. Simms adds a eurostep. Tucker scores an overhead kick, Banchi timeout with 5’03”. On the return counterattack with an assist from Casarin for Tucker. Another counterattack, Cordinier sends Simms 2/2 to the line with 4’00”. The break is not interrupted by Mickey 0/2 to the line. Casarin writes -2 with 3’20” Free for Cordinier 1/2, who closes the 13-0 Venetian 53-56. Assist by Spissu for Parks, -1. Pajola to free throws 1/2. Parks doesn’t equalize, Mickey extends it with a half-hook. Parks also uses the hook successfully. Ball to Mickey, free, Spissu has some ankle problems, the American from Virtus is still 0/2. Casarin and Heidegger fail to equalize again, there is a contract that leaves Casarin stranded. We start again with 1’07” Reyer’s ball. Reyer’s 5th attacking rebound sends Parks to the line 59-59 with 38.0″. Hackett triples at the rim, the score remains tied in the 30th minute.

2nd quarter – Casarin attacks the rim successfully in the 11th minute, and scores a triple in the 12th minute. Tucker’s dunk follows and the 7-0 Reyer wants Banchi’s timeout with 7-58″. Assist by Pajola for Shengelia, but Simms eludes Belinelli’s mark 25-31. Shengelia again with 7’12” and a game to successful three points. Challenge returns the ball to Bologna, but Shengelia loses the ball. With 6’30” bonus exhausted for Segafredo. double action Reyer, nolook for Parks, but Dobric nullifies Reyer’s effort with a triple. 27-37 with 5’58” timeout Spahija. Assist by De Nicolao for Simms. Almost triple for Belinelli with 4’48” +10, Shengelia goes around Tucker but the 0-4 gap is closed by Parks with a dunk. Triple by Polonara with 3’15” 31-44. Jordan Parks keeps Venezia alive with two free throws, which are also there for Dobric 0/2 but Polonara in tap-in makes it 33-47. Attard calls technical on Belinelli, free to score for Wiltjer. Virtus loses the ball, Tessitori shortens and the free throw due to a foul by Dobric after the Banchi timeout with 2’05”. No additions 36-47. Alley-oop by Cordinier for Zizic, who then jumps on Tessitori’s feint, Segafredo again +11 with 1′ to play. Hackett and Tucker score, Abass doesn’t go for a three, the clock is reset 18.3″ for Reyer. He manages to shoot twice with Tucker and Spissu at the rim. at 20′ 38-49.

1st quarter – With 9’35” Cordinier scores the first two of the match, and 30″ later 2+1 from Zizic. The center also scores the third shot, but Tessitori finishes the 2nd minute with the shot to make it 2-7. There is Abass in the quintet in place of Belinelli. Tessitori shortens, Venezia does not overtake, then with 6’13” Abass’s cut is the winner 4-9. Tucker enters the heart and scores, Tessitori contests Zizic’s entry but has to go out for treatment, while the center of the Segafredo scores 2/2 on the line. Spissu doesn’t score a triple, Shengelia instead serves Zizic for his ninth personal point. The Georgian instead goes on his own in the following action with 4-48″ and two free throws 6-15. Spahija timeout. Heidegger scores Reyer’s first triple from the corner. Zizic works well on the 9-17 pivot. Triple by a very Shengelia with 2’59”, complete success. Simms shortens with a fadeaway, but Zizic is unstoppable, and pushes the orogranata back. He misses in extra time, but the ball stays with Bologna and at the end of the eighth minute two free throws arrive for Cordinier 11-24. Belinelli, with a shoulder in disorder, made his entry. Triple by Simms from an attacking rebound, triple by Polonara in immediate response in the 9th minute, which were the last shots of the first quarter closes 16-29.

Live updates on this page. Where to watch Reyer Venezia vs Virtus Bologna on TV: the match will be broadcast free-to-air on Dmax and streaming on Eurosport and DAZN.

The 12 by Luca Banchi

The situation of the two teams
Absences confirmed: Iffe Lundberg he is not back for Virtus. Some more hope to see again Mfiondu Kabengele on the other hand: the use of the Canadian big man will only be decided close to the match, even if it would appear very difficult. Reyer’s center was injured during the third match in the previous series against Reggio Emilia. The words of Jordan Parks: “We want to win. We have to play the first half like the two seconds played in Bologna. In fact, we have to be like this for the whole forty minutes. I think we have shown who we can be, now we have to do it again and be ready to compete. I hope that the Our fans will help us as happened in Bologna at their home, where the public rightly made our life more difficult. We will put a lot of energy on the field, but we will also need the energy of those who will be at Taliercio or support us from home.”

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